The Closer 8-13-07

We don’t usually do a weekly thread on this show, but I know there a a few people out there watching it. I really enjoyed last night’s episode. That “Who Would Want to Kill Deputy Chief Johnson?” written across the white board was hilarious. And Flynn and Provenza flipping a coin (sortof) to see who has to interview her. And Fritzy diving for the cat. And the swat team guys lounging around the house.

The episode was directed by Kevin Bacon? It was nice to see Barry Corbin as Brenda’s dad - I’ve just been watching some old episodes of Northern Exposure.

I think they said there were only three episodes left, but that doesn’t sound like enough. I wonder if they’re going to get Brenda and Fritzy married this season, or stretch out the wedding jitters all next season?

My wife and I are a fan of this show. There are some great characters in this series, the best being the development of Lt Provenza. I love that guy! The wedding will probably be the series finale for this season. I hope they pick it up for another round next summer!

Thank yew. Thank yew very much!

I loved the opening scene with the psychiatrist, especially the summation…“so, then, other than <long list of stress-inducing events that Brenda’s going through> there’s nothing significant happening with your life?”

I had missed Barry Corbin’s name in the opening credits, and spent the whole show asking myself where I’d seen him before. :smack:

Yeah, I’ve liked Provenza from the first season when he declared: “I don’t run.” (When everyone else was chasing a suspect.)

My favorite episode is the one where he and Flynn find the body in Provenza’s garage.

I have grown to like this show very much. Wish it were on HBO so that last night’s shower scene could have been shot a little different :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe we’ll be lucky and the season DVD set will have an uncensored gag reel, ]b]flickster**.

I had missed this show when it first started airing, but managed to catch when they re-ran the first season episodes a few months ago and instantly fell in love. I’m fighting off the urge to pick up the season sets, since I’m trying to keep my DVD collection under control, but I suspect it’s going to be a losing battle.

My wife and I are fans as well, both of the show AND Provenza. I’m glad to see that G. W. Bailey will be remembered for something more than Sgt. Rizzo in MAS*H! :smiley:

It was indeed a gem of an ep. I also liked her apology to Gabriel, and then his relationship w/Daniels being outed. Also seeing Pope’s face on the video was still quite telling about how he still feels about her. I think the supporting cast is priceless and I’m always appreciative when they’re given a little something extra to do, but Provenza has definitely owned this season (and his Mutt & Jeff routine w/Flynn is one of my favorite things on TV today).