The Closer - Final Episodes

IMHO - there was a huge clue laid out in tonight’s episode about the identity of the Major Crimes mole that has been plaguing the department’s operations over te past year.

It was revealed tonight that Detective Gabriel has been dating a budding lawyer for the past year and confides all the cases and proceedings with her

Only 2 episodes left:

I think Brenda’s exit will be written up as a relocation to Atlanta to either care for her dad, or possible her mom if her dad loses his battle with cancer.

Don’t have any speculations re the end but I will say - damn I’m gonna miss this show. The writing, acting, everything. Fine show.

About the relocation…in the previews of Major Crimes, I thought I saw Jon Tenney(Friz of the FBI) ??

Yes, Fritz is going to be on the new show as a recurring character (as opposed to a regular cast member). And Gabriel is not on the show, lending credence to flickster’s guess as to the identity of the mole. Many people have thought it might be Gabriel, but not in a passive way like this – it seems like a deus ex machina to me, and I don’t like it. I didn’t want Gabriel to be the mole, but if he’s going to go down, I want him to go down in flames.

I will miss this show too. Aside from Det. Daniels and the addition of Raydor, it’s had the same cast from the very beginning. They’ve really developed a great ensemble and I will be eager to see if it can continue without Sedgwick.

I dont think Rayder can carry the show - the whole preview statement of “I want to walk them to the cell” just falls flat for me - I liked her char as the ‘every now and again Pain in Brenda’s Backside’, but as a regular she feels un-needed.

I have a bad feeling re: Brenda’s Dad, and that, while probably accurate for the arc on the show, just kills it for me - don’t know why, just does - I also have a feeling since they are playing it up so hard on the previews that its likely to be a swerve.

re: the mole - its going to turn out to be Pope - the last couple of episodes has clearly shown his frustration with Brenda which has been building for a while now and was way overblown last nite with the whole “turn off the lights your on overtime” bit.

I don’t suspect Pope as being the mole, however, I do think he is on the receiving end of the mole’s information. In last night’s episode, Pope knew all about the on-going investigation and the status that was still playing out at the doctor’s office before ever arriving at HQ.

Well, that was a kick in the teeth.

spoiler, please?

[spoiler]Dad lives, Mom dies…


I knew that was going to happen after Brenda blew her mom off for the umpteenth time. After so many “Later Momma”'s, I knew she wasn’t long for this earth.

I won’t mind seeing Gabriel go. His value has always been to Brenda more than the team dynamic, so with her gone, his most helpful function has evaporated. And I think Rayder will be a refreshing change of pace–less emotional and entitled, more political and calculating–so I really am glad that the gang will stick together.

Agreed on the foreshadowing - still a kick in the teeth - which is how it was meant.