Three new episodes of The Closer starting tonight

We’re getting three new episodes for Christmas, although the description for tonight’s episode doesn’t look particularly Christmas-y. It’s another story about gang-related crime, which are my least favorite, but there’s also: “Meanwhile, Fritz brings home a surprise for Brenda, and there’s trouble brewing in Provenza’s romantic paradise.” So I’m looking forward to it.

Got the DVR all set. Looking forward to watching them.

When my application for dictatorship comes through, you’ll be given the exceptionally cushy position “Director of DVR Operations”.

Thanks much – I’d have almost certainly missed this.

Well, the Fritz and Brenda interaction is always fun, but otherwise I haven’t much liked the other two episodes.

Last night’s episode with Beau Bridges was just silly, and not in a good way. For one thing, what kind of transsexual would go through gender reassignment surgery but wouldn’t pluck her huge, bushy eyebrows? What a halfhearted effort.

Not a great episode. It was also confusing at the ending: who actually killed the victims? I know it didn’t matter from a legal POV, but I’d prefer some resolution on that.

The transgender storyline was weak. I didn’t really buy why they couldn’t call him as a witness. It would have been strange for the jury, but the DA could easily have made it work

The mom did.