The Compliment Thread

Cykrider is definitely my favorite person in the world! And he’s so very very sexy.
mmm…cyk :slight_smile:

Manda JO has this habit of saying reasonable things with so much clarity. It makes me jealous, but in a good way.

Thanks for the compliments Merc and jr8 - you are now my sig. And right back atcha both, you sexy hunks of men you.

My compliment goes to Enderw24, who is intelligent, possesses razor-sharp wit, and has the best damn sig I’ve ever seen. I always read his threads and he’s never failed to make me think or laugh. Sometimes simultaneously. Whatta man.


My compliments for: coldfire ;

You live in a lovely city. :wink:

What a happy coincidence. I was just noticing what a charming addition Legomancer has been to the boards. We seem to share numerous interests, so I run across his posts frequently, and always find them eloquent and pleasant additions to the conversation.

techchick68 is just … so cool. :wink:

Jester always makes me laugh in his uber funny threads and posts, and Punha is a real sweetie, in his own way. :stuck_out_tongue:

His way with words, while managing not to be vulgar, is a constant source of joy for me. Example from this thread


I occasionally drop drive-by compliments in other tribute threads, so if I mentioned you in those, please consider yourself silently, telepathically mentioned again.

I’m trying to abide by the rules, here, and stick with one and choose one who hasn’t been yet mentioned by others. I am sure I will annoy many by snatching away their choice before they could type it: Duck Duck Goose. I can always rely on her for sensible wit. That’s a killer combination.

Wow, thanks!

Damn. This is tough to pick just one.

Fiver. Intelligent and amusing (and pretty cute to boot)

Yeah, I know, I was just trying to get a rise out of you (it worked). :slight_smile:
I am however, half French-Canadian.

OOOH! OOOH! ME! ME!..hey, wait a minute…

DeathLlama, because I get to see his penis on a regular basis. ( :wink: beagledave) Seriously…DL is hilarious, patient, affectionate, freakin’ smart, well-read, insatiably curious, genuinely kind to strangers…okay, I can see people are making that gag-me motion, so I’ll move on.

Zette has given so much advice and support, directly or indirectly, over the years. She is well-said, concise, patient, and honest.

Lizard makes me feel pretty. :slight_smile:

Doobie is energetic, positive, friendly, and outright fun!

Eutychus and DavidB did me, and several of us, huge favors by starting teemings. I had started a frustrated writer thread just before its inception. Both men are literate, complimentary without being overindulgent, and give fair assessments of most any situation.

Stoid is just a genuinely cool chick. Well spoken, open, honest, and intelligent.

The list can go on, except so many people have changed screennames I don’t know who’s who much anymore. :stuck_out_tongue:

Awww, shucks!
[sub](Actually, I’m practically a teetotaler.)[/sub]

I’d like to be the first to point out that tomndebb and bibliophage are both true gentlemen and scholars, and both raise the tone of the SDMB immeasurably, and also do yeoman work in the never-ending battle against ignorance. And I don’t think I said it at the time, but bibliophage strikes me as just about a perfect choice for a GQ moderator.

I also appreciate Ben’s never-ending battle against the creationists.

Thanks. Made my day. :eek: :cool:

Also made my new sig!


[blush] Aww, Jeez Louise, I don’t know what to say.[/blush] [sub]Thank you.[/sub]

Mostly I smile or snort a few times when I read something funny here. But LNO’s “my rage burns with the fire of…” threads had me giggling like a schoolgirl! So clever and delightful!

I’m a pretty devout Catholic, and it gets my goat when I see people trashing Catholicism based on some ridiculous ideas they’ve picked up about Catholic doctrine (e.g., thinking every time the Pope speaks, he speaks ex cathedra), so let me say: tomndebb, you have great responses. Not only do you really know your stuff, but your tone is consistently calm and respectful. I’m glad you post here.

Ukelele Ike, I am quite impressed with the breadth of your knowledge of literature. I mean…wow!

Nocturne… you listen when I need to whine, you let me listen when you have something to say… Few people I know care about me like that.

Francesca, for being my best friend.
Mauvaise, for being my other best friend :slight_smile:
MamaHen, for her radiance and sunshine and happy thoughts.
monster, for being a fantastic lady to talk with over beers.

More to come, when I’m fully awake :slight_smile:

** Zenster** - thank you sir. You make me blush.
as for me, (trying to keep w/the OP of not mentioning folks already mentioned) - I don’t think I saw:

Kimstu one of the most sane, and polite debaters we have (on either side of the spectrum).

I’d have tacked on more, but want to let others have fun as well.

Assume that if I’ve ‘chatted’ w/ya off the boards it’s cause I think you’re too cool for words!