The Conners (open spoilers)

I just watched the series premiere. I though it was funny. It felt true the original series. I think Darlene will fill her mother’s role nicely. I still wonder if we’ll ever see Jerry or Andy.

I want to like the show, but I just can’t get past the horrible acting. I thought Laurie Metcalf was great in the original series, but she is terrible now. And John Goodman lost his acting chops when he lost all that weight.
Nitpick: Its the Conners

Well I loved it. I thought it was a great tribute to the character. I never cared for Roseanne in the first place. She was too fake. Barr is a funny comedian but I don’t think she’s too great as an actor. I think Laurie Metcalf is overdoing it. She has been over-acting since the show came back. She’s a great actress too! I just wish she’d tone it down a bit.

Mary Steenburgen would be a fine addition but I guess she was just making a guest appearance. Everything else was okay, same as it would have been with her. I really don’t think she was a great loss. The show is just as good without her. But yeah, the kids are all played by terrible actors but I can excuse that. They’re almost all out of practice.

I would watch this every week just like I watched every episode of Roseanne, but I don’t expect it will be around much longer.

I don’t know how many episodes ABC contracted for (6? 10? 13?) but I suspect there will be a story arc that gets resolved, and the show can go away, and viewers will say, “At least they wrapped it up.”

Darlene and David reconciling, perhaps?

I’m not sure where the comedy will come from.

Roseanne made the sarcastic remarks and the other characters reacted. That worked and made the show a ratings hit.

I can’t see Jackie filling that role. Dan is a recent widower. He’s not going to be a source of laughs.

Darlene was the sulky one.

Geez these people got old looking. I didn’t, it’s just them. :wink:

They got old looking because they are old.

Watching it on Hulu, holy shit John Goodman lost even more weight.

I enjoyed it even though it was a very heavy episode to get through. I think the next episode will tell the tale of how this is going to be.

I thought it was fine, some genuine laughs. The acting is suspect, particularly the Becky character.

And John Goodman is one of those creatures who actually looks better fat.

Fixed misspelling in title.

Yes, Mean Mr. Mustard, I will agree. John Goodman needs to gain 100 lbs. He looks awful. In fact, there were a lot of them that looked awful. The last time I saw Mary Steenburgen she looked pretty good. I was shocked when I saw her on The Conner’s! I realize that everyone ages but I think that if the celebrities would just “age gracefully” like the rest of us have to, it wouldn’t be so shocking.

I’m pretty sure they make the actors look bad to accentuate the hardscrabble life they go through as lower middle class people. So the fact that they all look old and tired is intentional I’m sure.

Johnny galecki looked far worse on this show than he does on bbt for example. I’m sure that was intentional.

I wonder if Mary Steenburgen is supposed to be a regular character. Perhaps as a romantic interest for Dan?

And I googled the ratings; about ten million viewers, which is really great for network television but a big drop from the high numbers the show reached last year. So will the numbers improve as the comedic episodes return or was the number inflated by those curious how they’d handle the removal of Roseanne Barr’s character?

Roseanne never was much of an actor, she was there to spit out sardonically funny one-liners. But I’ve known countless women much like her: fat, opinionated, marginalized, lower-class, disgusted with life, and sardonic, but plowing through nonetheless, and often with a grim sense of humor. They have strong personalities and aren’t out to impress men or be polite little ladies.

They certainly wanted Roseanne dead.

Not only did they discuss the circumstances. They talked about her autopsy.

She definitely won’t be back.

I’ll keep watching if Mary Steenburgen becomes a regular cast member.

I’ve always liked her roles. She could be really good on the Conners.

Roseanne’s strongest suite was her ability to choose an amazing group of supporting actors.

I don’t know if a collection of second bananas can support a show.

I watched the first episode and mostly enjoyed it. Laurie Metcalf is a much better actor than she was allowed to be on that episide.

I didn’t like it last year but thought I’d tune in to see what had changed and how they dealt with Roseanne leaving, and I found most of the jokes falling flat. Maybe it was “Becky’s” delivery, or maybe the laugh track, but it seemed stale and contrived. I don’t think I’ll be back.

Was it weird to anyone else that DJ’s wife came in from overseas as if she’d run out to the drugstore for 10 minutes? “Sorry I missed the funeral but the airport was busy” but the family never stopped talking. No hugs, no hey we missed you, nothing?

[quote=“Dewey_Finn, post:12, topic:823116”]

I wonder if Mary Steenburgen is supposed to be a regular character. Perhaps as a romantic interest for Dan?

That was the first thing I thought too.

Anyone catch the latest? Juliette Lewis guest stars as David’s new love, Blue.

Yeah they seem to be attracting some well-known actors to show up and play random (or possibly permanent) characters. Will & Grace is good for that too.

Goodman looked less bad in this episode, so it makes me think they were deliberately trying to make him look like shit in the first episode after his character’s wife died. I agree that he looks worse now that he’s thinner but I think he looked ok this week.