The contents of your fridge

A rather interesting collection of photos showing the contents of various fridges along with a brief description of the person who owns the fridge. Some weird things contained within include a snake (!?), what appears to be some pyjamas (which I kind of understand but could never be bothered with the hassle myself) and some batteries.

Most shocking is how dirty some of the fridges are, I don’t know how people can eat food out of them. So, fellow dopers, would you be embarrassed if the world saw the inside of your fridge?

Probably not, aside from the copious amounts of alcoholic beverages in there. I’m not an alcoholic! I swear!


After these, no.

Batteries are a common feature in a 'fridge. What with the belief that lower temperatures will increase battery life.

I have nothing to be ashamed of : fridge

I think lots of people like the feeling of getting into a cold bed, your bed won’t fit into the fridge too easily so your pyjamas would be the next best thing to make chilly before getting into bed.

The beverage section of my fridge has spills here and there but other than that it’s pretty clean. I usually wipe it down about once a week but if it’s really packed it’s a hassle and you don’t notice because it’s so full.
And it’s usually full.

No, I’m not embarrassed. It’s time to clean my fridge. I do it every 1-2 months depending on how much we collect leftovers or what spills. I’ll have to do it on Wednesday (Thursday is trash day). I was going to do it this past Wednesday but I was more concerned with breaking ice dams and doing homework.

2 person household. Late 30’s broadcast engineer, early 30’s student.



Freezer (We have a chest freezer which is why there is so little in there.

And looking at these pictures now, I see that there’s still some egg nog on the bottom of the door. Ick. Gonna definitely have to throw that out.

No embarrassment here. The fridge gets cleaned each week before putting the shopping in it.

I’ve got a fridge stuffed with soda and condiments. No food (rather, not a lot of food). No room for food. Soda, beer, and ketchups, mustards, sauces of every possible flavor. Why can’t I get rid of some of that stuff? (because as soon as I throw something out, I’ll need or want it).

That was pretty incredible. And no, I wouldn’t be afraid to show the world my 'fridge. Though it would probably have an inordinate amount of sweets.

I really hate it when that happens. When we picked our fridge, I made sure to get one with deep door shelves so I could fit a crapload of condiments, leaving the fridge part (mostly) free of condiments.

As an American, living in Tokyo with a Taiwanese wife, we both like cooking various ethnic food, but not the same countries, our condiments run over.

That, and I can never tell which of her food is spoiled, and what was supposed to smell like that to begin with.

It’s the day before shopping. Dinner is already cooked.
The freezer is empty except for ice cubes.
The fridge part has apples, a squash, cucumbers, and some peppers.
Everything looks clean so I could show it without feeling bad.

PS: I always have sufficient dry food that would last a month in a pinch.

Why does fridge have a d when refrigerator doesn’t? It should be frig.

are you the type of person who likes a little sandwich with your ketchup?

Nope, not at all. We package leftovers and either freeze them or mrAru takes them to work the next day [depending on if we made a normal meal or one designed to let us have multiple extra meals for taking to work or whatnot.]

Spills get wiped up immediately, and we shop off a menu plan so there isn’t much in the way of extra random snacks. My typical snacks are the individual snack hummus, celery and carrot sticks, or hard boiled egg, or cheese cubes depending on the day.

I’d buy food to use up all my Thai peanut sauce, my three different barbeque sauces, my four different mustards, etc. - but there’s no room for actual food to store in there, to put the stuff on!

Alton Brown had a contest on his blog a few years ago inviting readers to send in pictures of the inside of their refrigerator. Apparently he got some horrendously offensive (staged, I would hope) pictures that so turned his stomach he cancelled this contest. He wrote a very bitter statement explaining why, and I can only imagine what some sick-os sent in.

I have a friend with a very large fridge and an even larger freezer in the garage. She shops weekly for food, and complains that there is no place to put it, because both are chock-full.

I keep my glass door fridge unplugged most of the time. It is a smallish but strong beautiful commercial frdge. I keep a few condements and butter in it. Totally clean.The rest of my food I store in my attached mudroom/woodshed.

The only thing that runs on electricity at my house is a toaster the lights, a record player and the fridge. I don’t like the hum. So it stays unplugged unless I am having a party or some event.

I still make great meals. I am a professional chef. And own a restaurant. I just don’t seem to need it all that much living in cold climate. I dont really use it in the warmer weather either.