The coolness called Bamadope.

Simetra, Ogre, SilkyThreat & friend, Pies ‘R’ Squared: I had a ton of fun tonight. It was really awesome to meet all of you (and to see you again, Simetra).
Sorry I really couldn’t relate to a lot of what was talked about: I’m young and not well-versed in the ways of computer science and mathematics and et cetera.
I didn’t ever get my Happy Birthday song though. :frowning:

Anyhow, I hope we can do it again sometime soon. You are all awesome people…Ogre and SilkyThreat were nothing like I imagined (not a bad thing!).

You guys are cool…and very entertaining…and very intriguing. Thank you for a great evening.

It was totally schway. Truly a great bunch of people. Pies needs to learn to speak up a little more, tho. :wink:

Silky, I like. Very straight-forward and open, and plus, she’s a Rocky Horror junkie. :smiley: I hope your friend starts posting too Silky. Seemed a very interesting fellow.

To any extent, look for pictures soon as I develop and scan them in. Once again, I had a total blast, and hope we can do it again sometime. :slight_smile:

Take care all.

[sub]And I did so sing Happy Birthday to you in French my dear Nocturne. Would you have me do it again? :wink: [/sub]

You can do more than sing to me, O Rocky-Horror-fied one.

Guys, I don’t know when I have had a better time. Everyone was so much fun and so nice.

Simetra, thanks to you and Ogre for getting the BamaDopeFest started. I am so happy I finally saw the thread. I think I would have been simply devastated if I’d missed it and not gotten to meet everyone. You are a brilliant, funny and extremely good-looking guy! (sigh) Oh, to be a decade or 2 younger…(more wistful sighing) :wink: But, truthfully, I could have sat there for hours listening to you talk about computers and your knowledge of them was simply awe-inspiring. Oh, and let me know when you play Rocky again…I had delicious visions of you in a silver thong! :wink:

Nocturne, you are a lovely and extremely intelligent young lady. I am SOOOO sorry we didn’t sing to you! I completely forgot! :frowning: OTOH, I wish I could have heard YOU sing. Simetra said you were the most awesome alto he’s ever heard; I would have loved to hear you. I also have my fingers tightly crossed in hopes you WILL get that part. Please keep us posted…in the meantime I am going to die of curiosity!(Btw…the math talk left me sitting there with a blank expression on my face as well…probably more so than you! :slight_smile: )

Ogre, you are a delightful, clever and totally disarming genius. Most of what you talked about made a “WHOOSH” noise going over my head, but I still thoroughly enjoyed hearing you. I wish I had 1/8 the intelligence you (and the others) possess. (i.e. my inane comment about “Animal House” instead of “Revenge of the Nerds”…need I say more?) I thought you were so articulate and well-spoken. And not a bit a “real” Ogre!

Pies R Square, I hope you made it home ok! No sleep in NOT conducive for driving! You, also, are so damn smart my head was spinning. (Mental note: hone up math skills ALOT before meeting this poster ever again) My friend told me on the way home that he really wished you’d never even mentioned that thread you two spoke about because now he’s all interested in that stuff again, and proceeded to tell me HIS quantum theory in minute detail the rest of the way home. I was nearly in a coma by the time we arrived in Birmingham. :slight_smile: You are a sweet, quiet guy and I am sure that my non-stop yacking gave you a headache. Next time, I promise to take more breaths in between soliloquies!

And Nocturne, again: Your friend was very, very sweet and seemed very nice! He, too, was pretty quiet, but hell, who could get a word in edgewise with me there?? :slight_smile:

Again, let me say I had a marvelous time. For all that couldn’t be there, you really missed a good DopeFest. I hope we can do this again very soon! {{{{{to all ya’ll}}}}}

I had a wonderful time and (impatiently) want to get together again. The title The Coolness called Bamadope describes the evening perfectly, Nocturne :cool:. I’ll be talking about how nice all of you were and how fun it was to all my other friends for some time to come.

Simetra, I’m so glad I saw your thread about BamaDope, and equally glad that I decided to go. At the next BamaDope I promise (I really do) to talk more :). Ogre, the ‘splitting of the bill’ will make me smile for a long time. You were wonderful with it.

Nocturne, I’m sorry we didn’t sing; I really wanted to. Nonetheless, I hope you have a happy birthday. (Heck, I hope you have a happy every-day.) Let me know your friend’s screen name when he starts to post.

SilkyThreat, I made it home OK, thanks :). Thanks to you and your friend also for the ride from and to my car. I’m looking forward to talking with you and your friend in the future.

Thanks to you all, again.:slight_smile:

Oh, and perhaps we should try to all do Rocky Horror sometime. Let me know what you think.:smiley:

Looking forward to seeing you all soon,
Pies ‘R’ Squared

Let me say that I had an excellent time at the first (hopefully of many) BamaDopes. Every one of you were extremely kind and intelligent, and I enjoyed listening to and conversing with everyone at the table.

Of course, I already knew that Simetra is a nice guy. Incidentally, I did not realize that you, Nocturne, and her friend were going to be hanging out a while in Tuscaloosa after dinner. If I had, I would have invited you guys out with me and my girlfriend. As it turned out, she had some friends in town as well, and we all could have hung out. Oh well, as you said, we’ll do it again sometime.

Pies, anyone who has the cojones to declare a mathematics major has my eternal respect and admiration. I am a rank tyro, a dilettante, in the realm of discussions of higher mathematics. Thanks for showing tolerance for my random musings. :slight_smile: I just wish you had jumped in and handled that check thing! Sheesh, what an ordeal. I think I broke a sweat there once or twice. :slight_smile:

Nocturne, I also am so sorry we never got around to a group “Happy Birthday” song. I think it might have been for the best, though, since my grasp of vocal musicianship is tenuous at best. :slight_smile: I’m sure Simetra could (and did, in French, no less) do a good job, but I’m also sure I would have ruined the harmony. I also enjoyed talking to your friend (that sounds so impersonal…I know that I haven’t forgotten his name, but that’s how it looks,) particularly when he was talking about some of the experimental musical approaches with guitar he’s interested in. Convince him to start posting here…he’d be welcome.

SilkyThreat, you are very kind with your praise. Thank you. :slight_smile: I do not agree that anything “WHOOSHED” over your head…that’s simply not the impression I got at all. I hardly blame you for the movie mixup…after all, weren’t “Revenge of the Nerds” and “Animal House” virtually the same flick, for all practical purposes? :slight_smile: You seemed to me to be extremely funny and intelligent, and a joy to talk to. Did we ever get around to asking you about the origin of your username? If so, I missed it (I was probably running my mouth. I do that quite a bit, in case you guys didn’t notice. :)) I also enjoyed talking to your friend (see above note about Nocturne’s friend) about Artificial Intelligence. His capacity for abstract thought and creative engineering seems staggering. I’m also embarrassed that he thought of the Eiger reference, and I didn’t, and I’m a climber! Sheeesh.

I apologize for super_head’s reticence last night. I don’t know what got into him. He seemed, well, very two-dimensional. :slight_smile:

I would also like to apologize for the dinner fiasco. It was both more expensive than I thought it would be, and it was more of a hassle than it had any right to be. I enjoyed the hell out of the mahi mahi, though. Yum. I believe I may owe you some moolah though, Simetra. Your dinner was cheaper than mine, and you ended up paying the same amount as me. That doesn’t seem right.

Anywho, good times. Good times. Thank all of you, and let’s get back together to do it again soon.