The could/would/should of career choice thread

Answer three questions:

  1. What career could have easily obtained with your abilities?
  2. What career could have obtained with your abilities and a little bit of luck?
  3. What career would have required you to have a lot of luck, even with your abilities?

My answers:

  1. Librarian
  2. Performing arts critic
  3. Professional writer
  1. (The career I should have had, had I known about it) Actuary.
  2. Editor.
  3. No idea.

When I lost my business at 40 years old I was feeling defeated so decided to go take one of those state offered aptitude tests and they will often place you or help you go down the right path. It was a big ego booster when she said I could do almost anything I wanted. She hooked me up for an interview as an actuary and I got the job. On my first day the supervisor upon meeting me told me I just didn’t look like the type of person that could sit all day and crunch numbers. I had no idea what an actuary even was before my interview. Anyway I took his advice and walked away. I always regretted this.

Nipple tweaker to the stars.[sfw]

I’ll be back later with a serious answer…

Back when I was in High School, there was no such thing as ‘Professional Extreme Athlete’, just ‘Idiot Kid’.

Now, those ‘Idiot Kids’ are millionaires with product endorsements and TV/Movie deals.

I used to be an ‘Idiot Kid’. Now I’m just an bitter old man. :frowning:

  1. Bank robber.
  2. Successful bank robber.
  3. Danny Ocean.
  1. VP of Engineering for a major oil company - seriously I’ve got several friends on this path that have all told me I’d be better at it them them. I’ve just got after more fun and money
  2. TV Star - I’m working on a sidekick role currently but it will take a lot of luck for me to make the transition to star
  3. NFL player - I was physically built for the NFL but I didn’t have the work ethic a couple of my friends got drafted but didn’t make the cut. It would have taken dramatic changes to my approach to college and a bunch of luck but it wouldn’t have been insane if it had happened.

1 - greenhouse gas emitter
2 - mobile greenhouse gas emitter (scooter equipped)
3 - mobile greenhouse gas emitter / Powerball lottery winner

1 Teacher or small businessman
2 Major business executive
3 Politician not to end up in prison

1 Meteorologist – I’d planned to become a meteorologist from about age 7, until age 16 or so. When I was starting to seriously think about college, and I really looked into what a degree in meteorology entails, I said to myself, “that’s a helluva lot of math and physics.” Not that I couldn’t have done it – I’d always gotten very good grades in math and science, but I think that I just didn’t want to work that hard (school had come very easily to me up until that point). And, that’s why I became a business major.

2 and 3 would be writer or artist (not sure of the order, as far as how much luck would have been involved).