The Court may finally force my neighbor to eat his own shit.

Several of you are aware that my family and I have had to go through a real ordeal over the past 9 months or so. I started a thread on this right after the incident but later asked to have it removed since it was suggested it could potentially be used against me. So let me rehash the situation in less detail but provide an update, a beautiful fucking glimmer that I was just informed of.

About 4 years ago, a guy moved in next door. It’s a nice neighborhood, 2 to 300K homes recently carved out of a forest. He seemed alright but there was something a little disconcerting about him. He seemed to get pissed easily and ragged about other neighbors quite often. Pretty soon I was the only one who would talk to him anymore as he’d pissed everyone else off. He drug his trash cans into the path of an older couple walking their dogs so they coulden’t use the sidewalk in front of his house. He yelled at the neighbor’s friend for parking on his side of the street. Shit like that.

I always helped him with landscaping and yard questions because I like gardening and, frankly, I can get along with just about anyone. Everyone knows I’ve always been that way. I went by to check on him about a year and a half ago, ring his bell and say “You alright? We haven’t seen you for awhile.” Bill the motherfucker (yes, that’s his Christian name) says to me “You know what you can do? You can go get your goddamn shrub off my fence.”

To make a long story short, that was to be the last time I ever talked to Bill, you know, the motherfucker. Btw, I hate that term but it’s just so damn fitting here.

Well, Bill wouldn’t let me leave him alone. He installed 5 additional lights in his backyard, giving him 6 times as many as us with our one. He placed them high enough that they’re over the fence and illuminate our yard quite well. And then he fucked up.

I got home from work 9 months ago, was watching TV with my wife, and she got very solemn and told me that that morning as she was watching our 16 month old daughter and her nanny go off to the park, motherfucking Bill almost hit them as they walked down the sidewalk across their driveway.

I took a couple of deep breaths and went over to let him tell me it was an accident. In his garage changing a flat tire, he came out with tire iron in hand to “chat”. Not only did he say it was all my 16 month old’s fault but that she and my wife were legitimate targets since I let my pine needles fall on his driveway.

You heard me right.

Needless to say, I did not take this well. Nor did the tapping on my chest with a tire iron please me greatly. We “talked” for about 10 minutes, him getting more angry and animated with the iron the whole time. The experience was simply fucking surreal. Finally, I’d had it. To remove the iron I swung once and felt his nose crack and saw him land on his butt. As I left Bill with his shattered nose and tire iron removed from his grasp, I told him I was calling the Police to tell them about my daughter and his threats. Before I left I also made him say he understood that if he ever came near my wife or child again that there would be hell to pay.

Afetr filling my wife in on what happened, we called the Police only to be told he had beat us to the punch and they were already on their way. I motioned to them when they arrived and said I’d be waiting here in my house for whenever they were ready to talk.

When they did come they immediately cuffed me and put me in the back of the squad car. You see, Bill the motherfucker told them I had just walked over and assaulted him, that he had no weapon and that I hit him repeatedly. Complete and utter bullshit.

Again, let me condense… I spent the night in a filthy jail with men that asked me for advice on how to beat child molestation and injury charges. I told them I was sorry but had absolutely nothing to say to them. I’ve since hired an attorney and have spent roughly $7,000. on legal fees and have had to leave work 5 times to make court appearances. If he wins the case and sues, it could cost us substantially more. I don’t sleep worth a fuck and constantly worry about the safety of my daughter and wife.

The entire neighborhood has come to our side and all have shared their stories about the asshole. He rarely makes an appearance outside anymore, having been shunned by all. Even his ex wife and kids who live in the area have never in the four year period we’ve known him come to visit. Oh yeah, he sprayed poison on the shrubs along our common fence, killing three of my beautiful plants. One, the Japanese Lantern Tree is fairly rare to our area.

The trial is set for next Thursday with jury selection the day before. I just got a call from my attourney. 4 prosecutors have refused or been dropped from the case. He’s driving everybody over there batty with his hatred and accusations. They’re making him come in Monday to prove the case or they’re going to drop it all together. One of the court employees told my attourney “It looks like you’ve got the upper hand in this one.”

Fucking hell. I’d needed to take a breath so badly.

Excellent news, lieu. I read that thread before it got removed. I’m glad it’s working out for you.

I know it’s wrong and all, but some people just need a punch in the gob.

That’s great news, lieu. I remember when you posted that originally, and I remember how aweful I felt for you at the time. It was an incredibly terrible situation, and one that I’m sure many people would have acted identically in. Can’t say that I have any personal experiences that could apply, but you certainly have my sympathy. Here’s hoping the asshole gets ignored.

::fingers crossed::

Hope all goes well, lieu.

Gee, that is horrible. I hope the system works to your advantage. Is selling the house and moving out of the neighborhood an option? Sounds like he is a friggin lunatic. Let us know what happens.

Let me mention just so that nobody gets the wrong idea that I’m not saying I handled everything perfectly but really wasn’t given much of a choice. I talked with the officer on the way to jail, finally explained the history and got to tell my side and his comment was “Son, you’ve been baited.”

Bill has openly coveted my little Mercedes, is jealous of all the social events we have at our house, is jealous of the obvious love in our family. He wants our life, seems to obsess on it.

Other neighbors and friends have unfortunately told us of similar jealousies they’ve had to go through in the past. I was slow to recognize it because I couldn’t gine fuck one about the Jones other than to hopefully consider them a friend. This personal and prefessional jealousy shit just befuddles the crap out of me.

I remember the original thread. Sorry to hear that your life has been hell because of him these past few months. Glad to hear that things will probably work out in your favor. Keeping you and your family in my thoughts.

I happened to catch the earlier thread before it was deleted, so I’ve been wondering what the rest of the story would be. Good luck; keep us informed.

Now, any chance that your neighbor will actually be forced to eat shit? Metaphorically, I mean? Seems to me that you’ve been through the wringer for the last year or so, and, even if you win in court, your neighbor doesn’t really “lose” anything. Just the respect of the neighborhood, I suppose, but he obviously doesn’t care about that.

Man, am I glad I’ve got good neighbors.

I hope things go your way, lieu.

Good luck, lieu.

I missed the original thread, but I hope everything turns out.

Thanks guys. Zut, I’m not sure. I expressed concern to my attorney that the original action and threat against my daughter seems to have been lost in all this and shouldn’t we be able to counterfile or something? He said no.

Yes, we ended up much worse in the whole thing but as long as my family’s safe then the other is just money and extreme aggravation.

Several years before we had a guy that was stalking my wife send two guys with a gun to our house in another state. When he pulled the pistol on me I was able to disarm him as well. We told the Police who this person was and where he lived but essentially they didn’t have any concrete evidence and let it drop. Hence my original disinclination to let them handle this one as well.

I’m still a little wary but will probably call them if this piece of shit ever tries anything in the future.

I’m glad things are starting to look up for you. When you mentioned this incident in my thread about annoying neighbors, I had no idea it was this horrible.
Thankfully, usually when you’re in the right, things work out.

It’s brought us even closer to most of our friends in the area. The Police officer that lives across the street has offered to be a character witness for me. All those with kids seem to want to linger and talk for longer. The conversations with many right after this happened would sometimes get a little teary eyed because everyone’s concern was for the first time brought to the forefront.

We’re hoping he’ll move. If not, even though we had just got everything with the house and yard just right via innumerable projects, we’ll find another place that’s more restful.

Jeepers, lieu- I hope things come out OK- I recalled the first post, too, and I had a neighbor confrontation a few weeks ago that you inadvertantly helped me with.

The long and the short of it is, I had a new neighbor (I’m new to the neighborhood) come over and harass my husband and I over our dogs (who were doing nothing wrong- he was honestly just an irrational wacko).

When I saw he was not going to be reasoned with and was trying to bait either my husband or I to hit him or get into some sort of scrap, I told him in no uncertain terms to get out of our yard, to make any further communication with us through the police only if he had some kind of gripe, and that he was never welcome in our yard again. I WANTED to pop him one- Oh God, I was shaking I wanted to so bad. But I did remember your story and the warning bells went off- irrational people do crazy shit, that’s for sure.

So what are the possible outcomes here? (Can you discuss that?) Was it an assault charge levied against you and that’s what the trial is for?

Sorry to hear you’re going through this. Scary shit to have a nutjob living nearby. ::shudder::

Best Wishes for success on the case. I’m just worried about the next 30 years.

Look, most mortgages are for 30 years. Basically, I guess the question is: are you prepared to spend the next 30 years next to this creep? Its not just you…your wife & sweet little girl are at risk from this Bozo (no offense to the circus clown). I’m not sure whether you’re going to need orders of protection all around or what. [this guy has sprayed poison on your property…what if your daughter had left a toy out & later picked it up and put it in her mouth?]

I wish I could offer you advice beyond hoping that jerk moves, but maybe other people here can.

Sincerely, I wish all the best for you and yours.

Well Lieu, I hope that you’ve gotten all the bizarre confrontations in your life behind you now, and can peacefully enjoy your wife and child the rest of the trip.

So Bill the MFer hates you for your wealth, your social life, and your good family?

To be cursed by such a person is to be truly blessed.

When you get the case dropped, maybe you could host a big party for the entire neighborhood, right in your back yard. Just to have a party, not explicitly for anything in particular… just enough to make the point.

Ouch. That’s really horrible. I missed this the first time around.

I hope this does work out for the better, although I have a feeling as long as he’s just next door, no one will really be relaxed.



Good luck with everything. I think my husband would have done the same thing.

I’ll be wishing all the best for you, lieu, and hoping that you and your family receive nothing but good fortune in the future.

[sub]And maybe if you’re lucky, the asshole will try to assault his next lawyer/the judge, and get thrown in the slammer for that at least.[/sub]