The Cube trilogy of movies--spoilers incl.

Has anyone else here subjected themselves to any or all of the Cube series?
I saw the first one and found it to be a frightening concept that was marred by poor acting and lousy dialogue. The second one, Hypercube, had some great visual effects but it was never really explained at the end re: the reason for putting people through this apparently holographic experience and then killing the one “mole.” I don’t even know what it was that she found out that they thought she had to die for it.
Cube Zero, the prequel, makes the least sense of all. It focuses more on the programmers who control what goes on in the cube, and they’re told that the participants are convicted criminals, but there’s no way of knowing if this is really accurate. Then the guys from upstairs come down because the programmers are not doing what they’re supposed to do and are starting to question things. Evidently somebody wants people in the cube for a study so they can analyze the data, but to what end? Who knows. I’m sure there’s another film in the works. I suppose it’s one of those series that goes on and on, like the sagas of Freddy and Jason and Michael Myers and the Exorcists.

I havn’t seen Cube Zero, but I saw the other two.

I think the part I liked the best about the first one was the sets. I mean the set and the different lights.

The second one had some cool moments, but overall was pretty bland and yes, it didn’t make sense.

The best part was the guy walking around with the multiple IDs of the guy he had eaten several times.

I didn’t know there was a third movie…

I’m surprised that Sci-fi hasn’t shown it yet.

I just happened to spot the prequel/3rd movie in Blockbuster the other day.

The retarded fellow in the original is from the prequel; he was a programmer until he broke the rules and they deliberately messed with his brain, then sent him into the Cube for the second movie.

Wow, I did not know that there was a third one. I enjoyed the first two very much. Gotta find this prequel. Thanks for posting!

Wow, I’ve only seen the first and that made very very little sense. No, I retract that, it was complete cobblers. All the various complicated different and absurdly gruesome traps, factoring primes to escape, characters going nuts inexplicably WTF? If you took the film in ten minute episodes then those sort of held together, but as a whole the film was gobsmackingly DUMB. A bit late now for a spoiler block but anyway:

All but one of the characters get killed, which is pretty much telegraphed so there’s no tension in waiting to see who gets out. By about halfway through you know they’re all doomed to be impaled on spikes/dissolved/dismembered. . .

The one (almost) interesting idea, that no-one planned the Cube – It just came about as a side effect of people just doing their jobs. Is just tossed out and not elaborated or explained (at least in the first film, and I’m not planning watch the others)

I watched the first one for … uh, the concept. Yeah. The concept … but was warned away from the second. Since the first was only marginally entertaining to begin with, I’ve not bothered with it and the third sounds even dumber.

Still, the idea of a Kafkaesque tale in which people inexplicibly find themselves in a bizzare prison cries out for a decent treatment. Was the children’s story House of Stairs ever made into a movie?

My reaction almost precisely. It felt like it wanted to be this incisive, surreal commentary on government and bureaucracy, but it just turned into mush…like most of the characters.

Two more just like it? No, thank you.

We’ve been talking about it for ages. :slight_smile:

Just hit US on Feb 28th… UK on Feb 14th. DVD release only.

Hmmm there is a third cube? Well I know what movie I’m gonna watch this weekend. I liked the first two, but preferred the gritty/weird/unexplainable feel of the first one to the sterile/lethal/malicious feel of the second one. Shame that the third one sounds like it doesn’t improve on what the first two brough to the table.