Cube 2 - not seen 'Cube', Do I need to?

I’ve borrowed ‘Cube 2 Hypercube’ - Do I have to watch Cube for it to make any sense or does this film ‘work’ on its own.

I am supposing it helps if I’ve seen it but is it necessary?

I wouldn’t waste any time on “Cube,” if I were you. I’ve never understood this movie’s reputation. It has a completely ridiculous premise that just keeps getting dumber the more you understand it. Considering how low its budget is, I guess it’s “decent,” but that’s the best I can say.

All you need to know about this flick is most of the cast dies.

Hey, nice spoiler warning.
Personally I liked The Cube (despite the “math genius’s” dubious qualifications). Especially impressive when you consider the entire movie was shot on one set, just different lighting. I haven’t seen Hypercube yet, so I can’t tell you if you HAVE to see it, but I don’t see how the two can be that connected anyway.

Wow, Cube has a reputation? I laughed out loud when I heard about it, coming out as it did at about the same time as the movie version of “Sphere”, and being so apparently deriviative from that book (never saw the either movie).

The sequel should have been called “Cube 2: Rectangular Prism”


I love it when people review movies without actually watching them.

Ick. Cube gives me nightmares.
Just because of how horrible it was budget wise, but mostly end-of-the-movie wise.


I found Cube entertaining, but I don’t see how it’s possible you would need to see it before seeing the sequel.

All the characters but one die, and he’s retarded, so I don’t see how it’s going to carry over to the next movie

I haven’t seen Cube 2, but there are plenty of unanswered questions from the first film.

One of the characters in Cube seemed to have a small bit of knowledge about the constuction of the cube. However, he didn’t know who was building in and who was paying for it.

Perhaps there is a similar character in Cube 2, who can provide a little more background information.

I really liked Cube. Haven’t seen Cube 2 yet. but plan to. I recommend seeing the first one for its own sake, if you get a chance.

I thought Cube was an excellent movie. I recommend it.

Now, if only there was a way of going back and putting “SPOILER ALERT” before Lizard’s post!

Oh please. :rolleyes: In Titanic, the ship sinks. Deal with it. There are a lot worse spoilers than “most of the cast dies.”

Err… Titanic is famous in real life for sinking.

There are worse spoilers than “most of the cast dies”, but it is a big spoiler none the less.

I liked Cube much more than Cube[sup]2[/sup]: Hypercube. A lot more is explained in Hypercube though, which may be good or bad from some people’s perspective.

I’m not that big on having movies explained to me. What fun is a mystery if it’s all explained in the end?

I really enjoyed Cube.

I think the point of the original movie is HOW they got in the cube wasn’t important, it was how people reacted to the situation. One of the reasons I liked the movie so much was because of the unknowns, it was a great movie to discuss over dinner. I really like those kinds of movies!

Elethiomel you could have the courtesy to put something regarding Hypercube in &#91spoiler&#93 tags rather than making allusions to the film’s plot. There are folks who do not have videostores, living out in the sticks, which would carry this movie.

I believe Sci-Fi is actually going to show Hypercube the weekend before it is released on DVD.

Yep, April 5th at 9pm and 1am Eastern, and again on April 10th.

I didn’t like some of the acting and dialogue, but the concept was truly freaky.
I wouldn’t mind seeing the sequel.

I really liked the first one. I mean, it was pretty low budget, and the acting wasn’t the best, but believe you me…I’ve seen MUCH worse.
The openning sequence itself was worth the $2 rental in my opinion. I didn’t even know there was a sequel. If someone who has seen it could give us spoiler hogs a little preview, I’d much appreciate it.

I liked the first one too. It’s an intense and focused movie. It explores human reactions in extreme and unusual circumstances - and after all, that’s what SF is all about. If only the math made more sense…