The Daily Feud: How Things Go Wrong by Windwalker [Game Over]


Object of the game: Try to think of the most popular answer, to get the most people matching you. Only answers that are “serious” will be scored. Joke answers will not be considered, as it is not fair to other players.

Scoring - Any answer duplicated by anyone else is worth 100 points divided by the number of entrants. For example: 50 entrant game = 2 pts per answer. If 4 people match that means they each get 8 pts for that answer. No matches = 0 points.

If any of you have ideas for Feuds -and would like me to score them- PM me and I’ll get you on The List.


Write your answers like this; Do not repeat the questions, no periods at the end of answers, no spaces between lines, no comments, no fancy list coding. If you need to comment or clarify your answers, do it AFTER the list of answers. Thanks.

1. answer <<—There is a space after the period!
2. response
3. rejoinder

The game will end either when we have 50 entrants, or at 4:00 PM Central on Tuesday, 9/30/08 whichever comes first.

Good luck!
(All answers in 5 words or less, please.)

  1. Name a way to break your leg.
  2. Name a reason why a car accident happens.
  3. Name a reason for getting fired.
  4. Name a way to piss off as many people as possible.
  5. Name a reason for being betrayed by a friend.
  6. Name a way to accidentally kill someone.
  7. Name a reason for not being able to get it up.
  8. Explain the existence of the film Batman & Robin.
  9. Name an inopportune moment for your computer to die.
  10. Explain what happened to Michael Jackson (interpret that as you will!)
  1. Skiing accident
  2. Someone ran a red light
  3. Accessing porn at work
  4. Become a neo-Nazi
  5. Boyfriend/girlfriend
  6. Car accident
  7. Too much alcohol
  8. Malevolent God
  9. When saving your thesis
  10. Crazy
  1. Skiing accident
  2. Drunk Driver
  3. Browsing Porn on the internet
  4. Rape a child
  5. They have sex with your SO
  6. Playing with a gun
  7. Drunk
  8. Punishment by God
  9. Just before you save that file.
  10. His methods became ‘unsound’.
  1. Fall
  2. alcohol
  3. incompetence
  4. troll a message board
  5. In love with same person
  6. Run them over with car
  7. Jitters
  8. Money
  9. replying to important email
  10. Money

I thought you weren’t doing anymore open ended questions! :slight_smile:

  1. Skiing
  2. Cell phones
  3. No call no show
  4. Talk politics
  5. Love/sex
  6. Peanut allergies
  7. Too drunk
  8. Money
  9. When writing thesis
  10. He’s crazy
    3 That’s what we call un-excused absences
    10 Johnny Depp as Willy Wonka voice
  1. Car accident
  2. Drunk Driving
  3. Incompetence
  4. Murder
  5. Lies
  6. Drunk Driving
  7. Drunk
  8. Profit
  9. Presentation/paper due
  10. Too strict upbringing
  1. Skiing accident
  2. Ran stop sign
  3. Insubordination
  4. Jump a line
  5. same girlfriend/boyfriend
  6. Car/pedestrian accident
  7. Age
  8. It’s all about the rubber suit
  9. During important business presentation
  10. Tried to star in his own fairy tale

Yeah, well… Send me some finite ones! :smiley:

  1. Skiing
  2. Speeding
  3. Screwing up
  4. Work as a telemarketer
  5. Lust
  6. Accidental discharge of a firearm
  7. Intoxication
  8. Greed
  9. While working on an unsaved project
  10. Childhood trauma
  1. Slip on ice
  2. Cellular phone
  3. Absenteeism
  4. Run for president
  5. Hot for the same guy or girl
  6. Car wreck
  7. Too drunk
  8. Entropy
  9. Night before big presentation
  10. Surgical addiction
  1. Fall from a height
  2. Drunk driver
  3. Doesn’t do good work
  4. Carry a gun through security at a busy airport
  5. Atraction to friend’s significant other
  6. Car accident
  7. Tired
  8. GLAAD insisted
  9. When a work project is due
  10. Parts of his brain removed during plastic surgery
  1. Skiing
  2. Intoxication
  3. Insubordination
  4. Insult Barack Obama at The Dope
  5. Infidelity
  6. Grouse hunting with Dick Cheney
  7. Whiskey-dick. (drank too much)
  8. Nipples on the Bat-Suit.
  9. In the middle of viewing porn.
  10. Elvis Syndrome
  1. Slipping on ice
  2. Running a red light
  3. Stealing company profits
  4. Telling everyone the truth
  5. Stealing their SO
  6. Car accident
  7. Being drunk
  8. Stupidity of movie producers
  9. Before term paper is due
  10. Body Dysmorphic Disorder
  1. Skiing
  2. Drunk Driving
  3. Poor attendance
  4. Cheer loudly @ rival’s homecourt/stadium/field
  5. Steal boy/girlfriend
  6. Gunshot
  7. Broken hip
  8. Greed
  9. Finishing thesis
  10. Lost childhood
  1. Falling
  2. Talking on Cell Phone
  3. Bad performance
  4. Run for major political office
  5. Money
  6. Car accident
  7. Inebriation
  8. Hollywood wanted money
  9. Writing a long paper that you didn’t save
  10. He went crazy

Ok, change number 7 to Drunk, instead of broken hip. I read the question originally as not being able to get up, not get it up. Sorry if I gave anyone a mental picture that will haunt them until their dying days.:slight_smile:

  1. Skiing
  2. Drunk Driver
  3. Absenteeism
  4. Make racist comments
  5. Friend was arrested & gave you up
  6. Drive Drunk
  7. Too much to drink
  8. George Clooney
  9. While doing spreadsheets for work
  10. Reliving the childhood he never had
  1. in a fall.

  2. bad luck

  3. lateness

  4. insult the Chinese

  5. schlepping your partner

  6. driving accident

  7. lack of opportunity

  8. tax dodge

  9. now

  10. he went weird

  11. that should cover the bases.

Sorry Windwalker, but this was a little too non-specific not to be slightly flippant about! :stuck_out_tongue:

  1. Skiing
  2. Cell Phone
  3. Excessive Abscence
  4. Religious Discussion
  5. Potential love interest
  6. Hardcore sex play (SMDB)
  7. Alcohol
  8. Lost a bet
  9. Updating a huge spreadsheet
  10. Stress drove him crazy
  1. Skiing accident
  2. slippery raods
  3. stealing from the company
  4. beb a stoopit jerk
  5. he/she sleeps with your s.o.
  6. vehicular homicide
  7. too drunk
  8. greed
  9. during an important presentation
  10. his mind broke
    odd but fun fued. thankyou Windwalker