The Daily Show 9/1 - GWB: Because he says so

Did anyone else see this piece on the Daily Show tonight? It was just an amazing piece of work. Home alone, I spontaneously broke out into applause at the end of it. Why the DNC can’t come up with something even close to this good is beyond me. I wish I’d just sent my 25 bucks to Jon Stewart…

Yes, it was outstanding (as usual). They could have won the prize.

My favorite: “We’re safer.” “We’re safer.” “We’re safer.” “We’re safer.”

“They’re gonna attack again.” :rolleyes:

Actually, as I recall, it was:

“I’m an optimist” “I’m an optimist” “I’m an optimist” “I’m an optimist” “They’re going to attack again.”

But anyway, I absolutely agree with the OP. Brilliant work by Jon and the team.

I liked the line from yesterday’s show (paraphrased) on compassion: “The President’s passion, just like the Olmpics, blooms every four years…”

Anybody know the exact quote?

“To call this convention manipulative is to call Marcel Marceau a little quiet”

this is the first time I’ve ever seen Jon at a complete loss of words. Last night he had on one of GWB’s speechwriters and the discussion of having W himself come on the show came up. The interviewee asked Jon to give him one good reason why W should come onto The Daily Show, and Jon was caught completely off guard and finally admitted that W shouldn’t come on if he knows what’s good for him.

So much for what would have been the best 10 minutes of the entire Indecision 2004…

My favorite part was Arnie’s speech.

Jon Stewart: And for those 1.3 million who have sunk into poverty over the past year, his message is: (Arnold voice) Suck it up, faggots. Walk it off."

Drat! I missed this! Any chance it might re-run at some point?

You should be able to catch it twice on thursday before the new one airs. The first is really early in the morning, you might have already missed it. The second airs about 4 hours before the new one. That’s their pattern.

It is good to see Jon disavowing his former pretense at objective comedy. Frankly, his half-hearted shots at the Democratic convention and Kerry fell pretty flat. He was born to shill for the left.

Thanks, TJdude, that’s even better. I was hoping they had it up on Daily Show’s website, but not yet.

Bouv, my guess is that they’ll rerun this little gem (if not the entire show) at least a couple times before the election. At least, I hope so.

It seemed to me that Jon was trying to balance things out a little by being awfully nice to the Bush Staff Toadie (can’t remember who it was exactly - Press and Communications Overlord?) who he was interviewing. You could tell the guy had been warned about Jon: he looked like he was about to bolt at any second, and was scanning the skies for the whoosh at every opportunity.

I can’t believe Comedy Central didn’t bleep the “scared shitless” line. Was this “Daily Show” being aired live?

Comedy Central is way beyond beeping words like shit. South Park, anyone?

Is this the same Liberal who just rose up in righteous indignation about the wimpiness of Democrats over in GD? So when someone (yes, I know he’s just a comedian) throws off the shackles of wimpiness, you now revert to the namecalling you eschewed?

They bleeped it this morning on the rerun.

I LOVED the “Bush: Because He Says So” piece. It deserves to be spread around.

Perhaps Kerry just doesn’t give them the raw, unmitigated, unbelievable material to work with. They don’t make this shit up…they just “report” it. If Kerry doesn’t pull the same stunts GWB does (and how could he? He hasn’t had 4 years in the White House) then how could the Daily Show possibly take as many shots at them?

“Well, we have all this footage of the president, and lies, and contradictions, and jokes, but people might think we’re shilling for the left, so fuck the ratings. We’ll go with Kerry and the I’m Frankenstein bit. See? He talks in a stiff way! That’s much more hilarious than anything Bush has said or done since 2000! WEE!”

And objective comedy? What the hell is objective comedy?

Did anybody catch Jon on Nightline last night? It seems to me that he really doesn’t care about the left or the right. He cares about who is lying like a fucking rug to the public and the unmitigated gall of the media to report those lies as though they are truth, and right now, the GOP thinks it can lie with impunity.

“For 4 years, George W Bush has used the power of words to overcome insurmountable facts.”

It’s the same guy who always, when faced with an argument he can’t respond to, attacks the character of the person who made the audience. His criticisms of GWB fall pretty flat, and are obviously just a hollow attempt to appear fair and balanced. He was born to shill for the right.

“audience”? brain fart. argument.

"The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. We report. You crack up.

“Then you hide in the bathroom, sit on the toilet, and weep like a six-year-old girl, with a half-empty bottle of vodka freezing the insides of your thighs.”