The Dandy Warhols -- Your opinion?

They’re playing a hole-in-the-wall joint in Houston tonight. Think I’ll go see them. Quite liked Thirteen tales from Urban Bohemia, but know next to nothing about their new album. Any comments?


Don’t have the newer one yet, but I was given tickets to see them live last year, was unfamiliar; was blown away.

Go see em.

Give Courtney Taylor-Taylor a kiss from me.

Yeah! Go see them, they put on a pretty darn good live show in my experience.

Their new stuff is…different but I likes it I gotta admit. Reminds me a lot of The Magnetic Fields though I don’t know if that means anything to ya.

What’s with the “Taylor-Taylor” business? Sometimes I see him billed as Courtney Taylor, sometimes as Courtney Taylor-Taylor.

I always seem to hear a new track or two by them every couple years and they’ve always struck me as really boring.

Maybe I just havent heard the right stuff.

I loooooooove Bohemian Like you

Its fantastic!

What do you recommend by them for a new listener to seek out? A lot of people I know with good musical taste (or at least similar to mine) love them, but I have yet to hear anything.

OK, just got back from the show. Holy Jamoly, did they ever burn down the house. Good call lissener, Fox. I’m a big fan of nuevo psychedelico and jangling guitars, so I was in heaven.

In the event, they played two sets, for a total of about three hours with only a five-minute break. Taylor-Taylor was flagging a bit by the end, though. There were several high points, but I think the peak came about halfway though the first set when they ripped through “Horse Pills” , “We Used to be Friends” and, uh, “Neitzsche”, I think, with perfect little segues in between.

Well, Thirteen Tales…, mentioned in the OP, is a pretty good bet.

I don’t mind them, but I think they’re a bit style over substance. That said, I like style. I mean, I really enjoy Peaches.

But they seem a little too inconsistent. They’re latest album, in particular, seems to have too many boring moments between the high points.

Check these songs out:

Not If You Were The Last Junkie On Earth
Bohemian Like You
You Were The Last High
Boys Better

Yeah, Bohemian Like You is my favorite song on 13 Tales, though sometimes I just gotta hear Horse Size Pills.