The Dangers Of Perspective

So, my sister-in-law buys my daughter this shirt. All together now: Awwwww

Yeah yeah, very cute. This is, until your looking at her from a not-quite head-on perspective. If you would join me in taking a step to the right, you’ll see the message takes on a definite change.


Ok, sure that’s humorous, but you really just want us to say how cute she looks. :wink:



What a lame excuse to get us to look at pictures of you daughter! :stuck_out_tongue:

u, she is cute, by the way, awww… :smiley:

I don’t get it. What am I missing?

Nevermind. I just read the name of the second pic and got it.

Oh god, that’s hilarious.

And Shayla is a total cutie!

This reminds me of something from my youth…

There was a hotel near where I lived (for all I know, there still is), called the “St David’s Park Hotel”. It had a standard illuminated sign, the name of the hotel spelt out in backlit lettering.

One day - perhaps deliberately, perhaps by a happy accident - the lamps behind the right-hand half of the “P” and the top half of the “a” in “Park” failed. And “r” is close enough to “c” to complete the effect. :slight_smile:

Ah ha ha ha! Oh my!

That…er…reminds me of something my youngest cousin said when she was 2 years old.

We were at a busy family gathering (of course) and I was talking to one of my aunts, when my cousin comes running up to her and says in the loudest voice possible (of course):

My aunt (just slightly embarassed): “Uh, Yes. You do.”
Cousin (still at 1000 decibels): “YA. I THINK I KNOW WHAT IT’S FOR!”
My aunt: “Uh…Really??”
Aunt:( :eek:, Entire rest of family laughs like crazy)

There’s a street I drive past with some regularity called “Flicker,” except the street sign is printed in all caps. From a distance, the L and I appear to meld together to form a capital U.

Squint your eyes:


Both statements are true, although she’ll most likely become aware of the validity of the intended one first.

Yo, Hal, father of a daughter! :slight_smile:

Picture #34. Baaa!

I think it was very sweet of Mike Hunt to chip in to buy your daughter a present.

Okay, I’m trying here…
Taking away the right half of the P gives you l
Taking away the top half of a gives you a small o (?)
Change r to c

So I get "St David’s l o c k Hotel.
I’m assuming, from the nature of the thread, the l is supposed to be a c, but I don’t see how you get that from a capital P. :confused:

Just take off the very end of the P, so it turns into an F. Now take off the top of this type of a: a.

I’ll never forget the first time I saw, at a distance, a certain actor’s name on a poster, in a font that was nearly all 45 degree angles:



That squinty face weren’t near as cute as that there baby, though.

I used to work with a guy named Clint. Our supervisor wrote up the list each day, showing what job we were assigned to, since it often changed daily, depending on who was out sick/on vacation/whatever. Our supervisor writes in capitals, in heavy block font.

On a particularly slow day, he had two of us working alone on a machine together. I come in, glance at the list, and do a double take. It says:


Excuse me?! What the hell did I ever do to you?! :eek:

Cute baby, Hal. :stuck_out_tongue:

Heh…we used to have a restaurant in town called Flick’s that suffered from the same font problem. It wasn’t long before everyone just started calling the place by its…err…“new” name.

Incidentally…this thread was not a compliment fishing expedition. But thanks for the comments anyways, folks. :slight_smile: