The Dark Knight Rises - Full trailer released

The Dark Knight Rises - Full Trailer
Wow wow wow. I can’t wait.

Saw this along with John Carter’s - both were with Sherlock -

Agreed - CANNOT WAIT for both!

That first link must be too busy or something, but it doesn’t work for me. This one on youtube works better. Catwoman and Bane look awesome!

I was interested until I saw camouflage tumbler and flying tumbler.
Then I decided to go ahead and get in line for tickets now.

Am I the only one who felt like there was something missing in that trailer? I didn’t feel any momentum or intrigue. And am I the only one who thought Hathaway sounded like she was someone playing a mean person, rather than an actual mean person?

Occupy Gotham?

I agree. the trailer isn’t that good. The movie will Rock though!

What do they mean “The Legend Ends”, Bob, he’s gonna die?



That was my thought exactly.

Nolan (and Bale, I think) contracted to do 3 movies, and he’s been adamant that it will be only 3 movies. And since his movies are more or less based on the old Dark Knight comics, rather than on just Batman generally, he aims to tell the Dark Knight story and be done with it.

Makes sense. We’ve done the “Silver and Golden Age”, and that awful tv version (what “age” was that?), so what’s next in the “Batman Saga”. Do we stay in the “Modern Age” for now?

I have to say I’m embarrassed not to know, since I have Batman collection dating back to 1970.

The few comics I have bought lately seem to concentrate on a “future” Batman (Robin took over?) and then there was one I bought called (I think) “Gotham Knight”.

It’s all kinda confusing… :slight_smile:



Anne Hathaway’s boobs? Yeah, but as they’ve been missing from every trailer I’ve seen ever, I’ve gotten used to the disappointment.

I don’t know, doesn’t look good. The first movie was just solid all around, the second was mostly made good by The Joker and Harvey Dent. If there isn’t something equivalent in this last one to make up for other weaknesses this could be a huge plop of a film. The right wing slant of the second movie (basically as an allegory to make the case for an enhanced US security state) makes me worry that this will be the Anti-occupy Wall street film. The language of the baddies basically marks them as populists and maybe Batman is just in the role as the protector of the wealthy. Not something that’s gonna impress my heartstrings to thrum whatsoever.