The day your all going to die!!!! will tell u the second you are going to die

What the hell? It’s telling me I only have twelve second left! This sounds like a load ofvvdjn s gd

Does knowing suddenly make you re-evaluate your life and make you want to do something different?

I’m still gonna take a nap after work.

Monday, April 26, 1999!
But we are living in an immaterial world…

Wait…this clock says…

GAH! I’ve been shot!

That stupid clock is all wrong. I entered the birthdate of actor James Dean (8 February 1931) and the clock told me he would die in 2004. Please find a link with more accurate results.

Hey cool I’ve got until 2041. I’m gonna go out right now and play in traffic - on the Interstate.

Monday, January 29, 2046

Bah. It’s clearly malfunctioning. I’m planning to outlast the earth.

No, really. I actually am. :slight_smile:

Nov. 23, 2036. Sounds like somebody f*cked up the turkey.

Thurs Nov 22 2029. Damn, superbee and I must eat at the same T’day dinners.

Hey, I went to a fortune teller once and she told me I’d live til I was 88. This thing tells me only 74, what gives? And how come I tried all four different personalities and it always gives me April 2? Guess I’d better watch myself on April fools day huh?

March 15, 2034…I sort of like the idea of going on the Ides of March.

Why does it tell me “last tuesday” ?

well, like the man said…the future is uncertian, but the end is always near…

well, like the man said…the future is uncertian, but the end is always near…

May 17, 2034

Guess I’ll put off having this rattlesnake bite treated.

The OP has my vote for one of the most offensive usernames I’ve come across around here.

I’d have to agree with reprise… very offensive.

I’m also sure that this site has been discussed on here in the last month or so; I tried doing a search, but it timed out on me. My results are in that thread.

I find the fact that he spells like a twelve year old equally offensive.


Another 53 years for me! What did I do to deserve that? I’d better pick up some bad habits.