In 15 years the Grim Reaper will come knocking on my door

According to this site. It’ll be cancer or, on a brighter note, alcoholism. The 5% chance of alien abduction was a surprise though.

Yes, it’s one of those tests sites. If you’re reading this on December 29th, 2016, it’s been nice knowing you.

Or MAYBE!! Your alcoholism will cause your fatal cancer!!

The aliens can kill you?

I usually just go with them for the free anal probes. If I’d have known I might get killed, I’d never have done it. It’s just not worth it.

Death Clock

I like Obs site better. I’m gonna be around until 2063 according to them.

BTW, all of youse better get to sleep. Only us cancerous, alcoholic alien-bait should be up and posting at this hour.

Whatchoo talkin bout Willis?? Oh yeah… I see now.

I really think I need to get out more apparently I’m going to live till I’m 75.
5% chance of Auto-Erotic Asphyxiation? Well maybe I’m not so boring after all? :wink:

Jeez, I’m going to live until I’m 76! What the hell am I supposed to do for that long???

Well, I’m due to pop off at age 69. I think they just said that because I answered “yes” to the team sex question.

I’ll die in 44 years, at the age of 70. Most likely from cancer (25%)[which is odd, since we have no history of cancer in my family] or alien abduction (19%) [which is even odder, since we have no history of alien abduction either].

According to the death clock, I’ll die in 2053, at the ripe old age of 77.

is the predicted date of my demise, according to Biggirl’s site. And the second site puts me at Saturday, October 1, 2033.

Been nice knowin’ ya, I gotta go put my affairs in order. Now let me see, who was first? Was it that tarantula with the hairy chest? Maybe it was that wolf spider. But there was that daddy long legs, oooh did he have some legs . . .

:: scurries off, mumbling to self ::

I’m going to die when I’m 39. Both tests say so, only one says the day after the first one.

17% Cancer
14% Horrible Accident
10% Alcoholism
8% Sex with an Obese Person
7% Overdose
5% Third Degree Burns
5% Alien Abduction

Whoo hoo, looks like I’ve got another 50 years and 1 month left – and I must admit that I am not at all worried about the 12% chance of alien abduction.

Hmmm. According to Biggirl’s site I will die in 2030. The most likely causes are cancer (31%) and auto-fellatio (15%). I’m glad to know that at the age of 79 I will be much more limber than I am now. :smiley:

Note that Obsidian’s site allows one to set the clock at normal, optimistic, pessimistic, and sadistic. According to the sadistic setting I died in 1988.

It’s good to finally know.
::sniffs sentimentally at the sheer waste and tragedy of my impending demise::

According to biggirl’s site I’m checking out March 4th, 2027 at the respectable age of 74.

Then again, the Death Clock has me punching out on July 8th, 2031 at age 78.

The major threats are cancer and alien abduction, which of course I always suspected. (Fortunately my chances improved dramatically once I noticed the default “yes” answers for bungee jumping, skydiving and putting lit firecrackers in my mouth.)

I’m not suprised at all about the threat of alien abduction. Given some of my family members and friends it could be almost anyone.

Screw putting my affairs in order. I’m gonna haul off and do every damned weird, eccentric thing I ever dreamed of and waste my assets. Okay, so I’ll leave a little for the wake.


Well, a decent span of years to be sure.

I was wondering about the option to put your birth year as 20XX. Somebody born in any year starting in 20 isn’t going to have much to contribute to the questions.

Looks like I’ll die at age 82, probably from cancer, but also small chances (~6%) of drowning or homicide. Joy!

(The Death Clock gives me till age 79.)

I get the same without team sex :mad:

Apparently, I’m going to die at 72 from Homocide or Horrible Accident. Must’ve been the way I answered that mafia question… :slight_smile:

May 16, 2033

Cancer (31%)
Heart Attack (22%)
Homicide (7%)
Alien Abduction (6%)
Suicide (5%)
Loneliness (5%)
Auto-Fellatio (5%)

Well, I can certainly see the first few, but last 2 tell me I really have to get a date. Soon. And for the record, I am not that flexible.

The Deathclock was better, especially when I accidently transposed the numbers for the year. May 1, 2036

I was really excited about making it over one hundred, then I realized it was 36, not 63. Such is life. Or death as the case may be. :slight_smile: