The death of the R&B supergroup and other laments

I was rooting around on youtube watching music videos. I realized that R&B where everyone in the group played an instrument except maybe the lead singer is probably a permanent thing of the past. There are no groups today like Earth, Wind and Fire, Cameo, The Commodores, etc. Klymaxx is the only black female band I can think of.

There are now only singing groups with backing bands. And they’re not guaranteed to stay together bacause as everyone knows [Voice of God]THE LEAD SINGER ALWAYS GOES SOLO.[/Voice of God] I’m looking at you Beyoncé. It’s like the girl group renaissance of the early 90s never happened. En Vogue, Jade, SWV and the rest all broke up even though there are some comeback stories.

You know what else we had in the 90s? Rappers who smiled! Rappers who danced! Hammer, Kid -n- Play, Heavy D, Big Daddy Kane. Damn you NWA! Now it’s all about street cred and swagger.

Anybody else feel like ranting?

They shot John Lennon! :mad:

I think NWA’s “schtick” was intended as a joke, even! Then as per human nature, people decided to take it all seriously. :frowning: :rolleyes: :confused: