The decapitations will continue until you stop sinning!

I’m not sure why I even clicked on this link. Our guardian angels at Westboro Baptist are at it again, showing us that even though our sinner’s way of thinking might have led us to believe that the Greyhound decapitation incident was merely a random act by a mentally deranged individual, it actually was a sign of God’s anger and a warning to all of us.

Please take note, everyone.

Their stupid, bullshit claims are exactly the equivalent of [Frank Zappa] “treating dandruff with decapitation”
[/Frank Zappa]

Oh, better article here. It’s only Canada they’re concerned about. Whew. :rolleyes:

So when is the next time these nutjobs are chartering their own bus to picket a funeral?

Perhaps something could be, ahem, arranged. You know, for irony’s sake.

I’m not sure why you clicked either. These people are so awful I can’t even get upset about it at this point. But I wanted to compliment you on that excellent thread title.

"You know, Mr. Li, your chances of parole depend on your doing the country of Canada one little favour … ". :wink:

More Westboro news here:
The faggots tried to burn them out!!

ETA: be sure to watch the video. :rolleyes:

Incidentally, Canada is set to enjoy a spate of really nice warm dry weather this week.

Yup, God is sure sending us a message. :smiley:

Between this and PETA’s latest, the crazies sure are making a lot of poor Tim McLean’s horrible end.
I guess I really shouldn’t be surprised.

Yep, the alleged arson was news for a couple of days here in Topeka.

When I watched the evening news about it the next day I liked their 91 year old neighbor who trash talked the Phelps’. Seems they’ve been wanting to buy her property for years. She’s one of two property owners on the block that aren’t part of their compound. The lady said they’ve been nagging her about selling, and speculated this was a ruse to scare her.

Heh. The arsonists are “mean spirited”.

As opposed to the nice, family next door arsonists.

If somebody else is a victim of arson it’s God’s will. If they are victims of arson it’s the fags. Is there something about God we don’t know?

I think the message is clear: God is gay, and hates Himself.

Well, after that car-wash-rinse-cycle-intensity downpour we had just after lunch, it’s actually… really really nice out!

He’s saying, “Be excellent to one another. And… party on, dudes!”

I momentarily thought it said teh depaitations would continue until I stopped singing.

I mean, I know my morning shower yodelling is a bit off-key, but I didn’t think it was that bad.

I’m surprised Canada is willing to let them in, polite as it may be. Shit, the US keeps people out (or sends them to Guantanemo) for less.

The National Post reports a bunch were turned back at the border, but one of Phelp’s wingnut daughters promised that a second group was going to make it at a different crossing.

Poor, confused, self-hating God. :frowning:

I realize that the best thing we could do about the WBC is just ignore them and stop feeding them as the noisy trolls they are, but damn, it would feel good to see them stopped (I’m not suggesting any high-powered rifles or anything like that. That would be wrong.) They don’t stand much of a chance of upsetting the mourning family, anyway, since every mobile person in Winnipeg plans to come between them and the family if they do show up.

I’m with the last bit from Featherlou - every single person within driving distance of that funeral needs to form a human baracade to keep these lunatics out of site of the grieving family. This whole things has been one big tragic mess, and anyone who exploits it is worthy of scorn. Not that I can heap much more scorn on these guys - I think I’m all scorned out. What to do now?