The default Roman hairdo: questions for women

It’s like this: I’m getting that peninsula of hair in the front. It’s not drastic or advanced but it’s giving me a slightly larger forehead on the sides. That’s fine for now but it seems no matter how I do my hair in the morning, by 1 o’clock it’s all going in the forward direction. I can’t keep a part. I can’t keep it going in any other direction and I don’t like stuff in my hair. It always defaults to that style. And if it rains and I have to put something on my head, it’s instant.

So, is this a turn on or off for women? Does it matter? Does it make a guy look smart? I can’t help it one way or the other really.

I don’t think it’s too bad-- my husband has this happening but is in 80’s new wave hangover period in life so he tries to keep the front longer so he’s ending up with this sort of tuft in the middle-- the Leningrad Cowboys look. . . It’s much much better than, say, a comb-over or something like that. I guess like the Caesar-do.