The Definition of an IMF

Hello, all! Just to introduce myself, I’m a 20-year-old graduate from a two college who happens to be completely random at times. And, just for clarification, IMF stands for Incredible Missing Friend… It’s not a misspelling for IMP, I promise. :slight_smile:

Welcome aboard! I’m sure someone with more knowledge of the assimilation rituals will be along shortly with the necessary livestock.

Welcome, Her Royal IMFness! Would you like some orange-pineapple-[del]garlic[/del] ginger ice-cream?

[sub]Garlic. Ginger. I always get those two confused. I’m not sure why. Must be a wiring problem.[/sub]

What is a ‘two college’?

Yup, totally a two college. >.> Took longer than two years, so hence, the two college. XD

Note to self: purchase ice cream mixer for next Tronnadope…

Welcome, Your Majesty! hug and smooch It’s good to have you here. :smiley:

(I gotta ask: Incredible Missing Friend?)

I still don’t understand the two-college thing…if it takes longer than two years??? I could see a two-year college…sigh…don’t get the XD, either. I’m so old…

Maye she means she went to a two-year college but took longer than that to graduate.

XD -> emoticon along the lines of :smiley:

Welcome, IMFness! I confess I keep thinking of the International Monetary Fund when I see your name.

When they said the Secretary was going to deny any knowledge of this mission, I’d have figured they would have a better cover story.

Too obscure?

I am good friends with Ethereal Freak of Pinkness… I’ll give her or her mother, NorineW the pleasure of explaining…
Thank you for the warm welcomes, everyone!

So… not International Monetary Fund. Well, what’s IMP stand for then? I don’t get the “two-college” thing, either.

Well, welcome to the SDMB anyway. You seem to be an odd one, so you probably won’t have much trouble fitting in.

And what does Incredible Missing Friend stand for?

I see that you are accustomed to using azn smileys ^-^v I think they’re cute ^.^ but others don’t like them as much -_-;;

Do you like anime? I heard you like mudkips.

Hello Her Royal IMFness! Be welcome. Enjoy your stay.

Welcome IMF.

Myself, I am an ALF.

Which is to say an “Annoying Little Fu…” well, I think you get the idea.

I will explain the IMF title, and also, ahem, begin the initiation process (don’t worry, IMF, this won’t hurt a bit. By which I mean, it’ll hurt like hell, but. . .you won’t remember a thing).

OK, first the explanation: One evening, the OP was slated to hang out with my 17YO EtherealFreakOfPinkness (damn, I gotta get that kid a shorter username!), and the OP was nowhere to be found, leading EFOP to opine about her “Incredible Missing Friend” or “IMF”. I don’t remember what had happened to the OP that night to disappear her. But thereafter, she was IMF. Then, one night last week, she called here, and I hollered up the stairs to EFOP “Her royal IMFness is on the phone!”, and voila! A username was born.

Now, the OP thinks it was her idea to join the Dope, but in truth, I’ve been indoctrinating her for years now by slipping our secret mind-control recipe into her drink. It’s a good thing the guests can’t read the small print. bwhahaha.

Now for the initiation. Her Royal IMFness (may I just call you IMF? It’s easier to type out), if you’ll just stand on the X. . .right over there, it’ll be over before you know it! Or before you can stop it. Or something.

Pay no mind to the squid and the goat. They’re kind of. . .our mascots. Yeah, that’s it, our mascots.