The Definitive Doper Religion Poll

If those two options aren’t enough for you then you probably smell funny and I don’t want to play kickball with you anyway.

Edit: Made in response to discussion in this thread.

It depends exactly what you mean by “Theist”.

Agh. In my hurry, I read the poll question as “Are you atheist” Instead of “Are you a theist” and immediately clicked on the option starting with " Yes…" :smack:
Ironically enough, this poll was made in response to a thread I started. Please count the poll results as one more atheist and one less theist.

The Free Dictionary:

Yeah, my bad. I should have made the options “theist” and “non-theist.” Anyway, this means that right now we’re at 11 non-theists to 0 theists at the time of this post.

I wonder if it’s possible for the mods to fix the wording.

Reports own post.

This is what you call “definitive”??? You mean it corrects all the flaws and ambiguities in the other dozens of similar polls?

As of this moment, poll options are now:

• Yes, I’m a theist
• I’m a non-theist

Yes. Isn’t it wonderful?

I’m still on the fence re calling myself: agnostic or atheist, but I am definitely a non-theist.

Or an apatheist, which seems to fit me quite well.


I don’t believe or disbelieve. I have no ffing clue.

My religion is pretty much Goddess bhakti. Goddess being felt as immanent in nature and earth and the body (in my brain/neural wiring). So yeah, theist, but in a radically nonpatriarchal understanding.

theist		18	37.50%
non-theist	30	62.50%

So far, it’s shaped like the Golden Section. :cool: Pleases my Italian Renaissance sense of æsthetics.

This is like having a political poll that says “anarchist” or “archist” (basically anybody who supports the existence of some form of government ranging from minarchists to communist totalitarians).

But how do we determine if people who are atheists or drive a stick do/don’t like to vote more than theists or people who prefer automatics?

Cool. Glad you understand.

I am the istiest ist there ist.

theist, Christian type, one, each