The Dept Director from HELL

I work in a small customer service/call center, first off. My dept director cornered me in the hall today and dumped a bunch of stuff on me. Seems that she doesn’t like the fact that our staff of 15 dresses casual on fridays and on the weekends. Mind you, monday thru thursday, we’re required to wear a shirt and tie or the female equivalent (if you’re female, that is). Everyone in the dept is irked because we have absolutely NO contact with anyone outside the dept…all of our work is done via phone and e-mail. Why does it matter what we wear when no one can see us, except each other?

Secondly, my vacation for May has been cancelled. I told the ddfh 4 months ago that I was planning a trip to visit family. Her response to my plea? “Sorry, we need you here”. Fuck her.

Also, no more on call pay. I got averaged $400 per month for being on call for staffing and equipment issues. As of May 1, no more on call pay. So that’s $400 per month that I won’t have anymore.

I am feverishly looking for a new job as of now. These things are minor compared to crap she has pulled in the past.

I, for one, would like to hear about some of the “major” things DDFH has done in past.



Well, there’s so many things…let me think.

Oh, I was on vacation for a week back in October. One night, at around 3 AM my phone rang. I checked the caller ID and it was from work. I didn’t answer. It rang again a few minutes later. I didn’t answer it. I checked my messages several hours later and the message she left went something like this, “I KNOW you’re there. Listen, we have a situation and we need you to come to work as soon as possible” I deleted the message. When I came back to work the following week, I discovered the “situation” was nothing serious and she had over reacted.

Another thing. For years, our staff has worked 3:30 til midnight. The company parking garage nearby has a special for anyone who parks after 3pm, which was great for us. We paid 10 dollars per month to park. A few months ago, our ddfh decided that 2nd shift needed to be 2:30 til midnight. No reason given. Now, we pay slightly over 50 bucks per month to park in the garage. (Street parking is next to impossible).

Then there was the time I had my yearly evaluation a few months ago. She gave me a glowing review. But only a 1% raise…

It was then that I decided to search for other employment.

My boss does that to me all the time. It’s usually pencil sharpenings, although once it was thumb tacks. She’s a total bully.

this is more exciting than TV!