The Devils Music!

While doing a search I happened across this. It’s so over the top, at first I thought it must be a parody site; but after looking around it for a bit, I’m not so sure.

Anyway, there’s some really funny shit on there. Yeah, yeah - Ozzy, AC/DC, Zeppelin are all Satanists… been hearing it for decades. But REO Speedwagon? Elton John? Beyonce Knowles? Really?

It got me thinking… if we were to use the same logic, completely ignoring the actual meaning behind songs, selectively using information to suit our purpose, taking quotes out of context… then there must be tons of rock musicians out there that are die-hard Christians, right?

Like Eric Clapton - he wrote Tears In Heaven. So surely that’s where he’s going.

Dream Theater will certainly be saved, as a band that wrote such a glorious song as In The Name Of God must truly be God-fearing.

U2, In God’s Country; Jethro Tull, My God. Both bands are obviously comprised of religious fanatics.

Led Zeppelin did Stairway To Heaven - but wait a minute! It’s already been shown that they are Satanists. Or Black Sabbath, with Heaven And Hell… how do we reconcile these contradictions? There can be only one answer: they must be Satanic Christians!

It looks serious to me, stupid but serious.

And that well known satanist, Amy Grant, apparently she’s living a lie.

I love this part

Anyone writing that many songs MUST be great. No mention of if any of the songs were GOOD however.

It looks real to me - I’ve seen books with almost the same words about various ‘satanic’ scares. I’m a bit perplexed by this, though: Death List. Interesting that cancer and heart attacks only apparently happen to evil people.

Unfortunately, it is all too familiar- my church was not quite this bad, but we had more than one record burning fiasco and got lectures on the evils of rock and roll on a regular basis. Ozzy was the poster child of all that fun! Someone put a hell of a lot of time into that site, what a waste! I wanted to find the U2 is evil part, but couldn’t find it in that mess!

You know the site is basicly expressing what the fundies of Bob Jones Univeristy and Pensecola Christian college believe with all their heart.

I’m still laughing at the idea that Karen Carpenter of all people is on any list that has the phrase “Rock and Roll” in the title.

Okay, I won’t belabor y’all with a lengthy evisceration of that enormous pile of crap; I think it’s pretty obvious that these numbnuts wouldn’t know Satan from a fruit bat.

But I gotta ask…every time this comes up…every time some lunkhead group gets a stupid mad-on about The Devil…WHY do they never, ever give the time of day to songs and bands that actually deal with the subject??

Number of the Beast, Iron Maiden. Sung from the POV of a hapless bystander who receives a nightmarish, apocalyptc vision. Okay, he has a pretty unfavorable opinion of the experience, but at least it’s ABOUT Satan. Or how about South of Heaven, Slayer. It’s deals with Armageddon. 'Nuff said. Or for that matter, how about Holy Diver, Dio? Not quite as blunt, granted, but the symbolism is pretty clear. (In fact, and I’m not actually arguing this, but you could say that the Holy Diver is actually Lucifer. Y’know, light bearer, fell from grace, “dived” from Heaven, etc.) In fact, a lot of Iron Maiden or Slayer songs would qualify.

It’s THERE, people! It exists! It isn’t just some drivel Tipper Gore made up! Find it, dammit!

(Aside: What, gangsta rap not good enough for you anymore?)

I’d love to see the herd of cattle these clowns would have if they ever heard Jimmy Buffett’s “My head hurts, my feet stink, and I don’t love Jesus”…

Black Sabbath: After Forever, is an intensely Christian song. I like to screw with people with it.
And, DKW, it’s because they don’t know enough to notice. Eh.

And airplane crashes! What about all the other people on the plane?

I wonder what all the ones that say “medical” mean? They were sick?

I noticed a lot of them died of “Aids”. :dubious:

This reminds me of a book someone loaned me in high school (circa 1989) and it went on about how Stevie Nicks was a witch (BO-RING!) and Paul McCartney’s “Pipes of Peace” was a satanic album because the pipes he was referencing were OBVIOUSLY the pipes of Pan’s panflute! (Pan of course being a satyr, a half man half GOAT…and that is…bad for some reason?!) At any rate, it’s not at all about “peace” and that’s how that evil Paul McCartney TRICKS YOU.

Pretty much all of ICP’s catalogue, especially Hell’s Pit, has to do with modern American Protestantism and its effect on urban society.

According to the OP’s link, the definitive proof that Paul McCartney is Satanic is that he’s “fondling” a ram on the cover of his RAM album.

I love this bit:

Erm, The Beatles didn’t even write that one. It was a cover.

Ugh. As a Christian who loves metal (and not “Christian Metal” whatever that is) I hear this crap all the time. The worst was when I was younger, and we learned in church about the secret meanings of band names. All I can still remember are KISS (Kids In Satan’s Service) and AC/DC (Anti-Christ Devil’s Child).

Like DKW, it bugs me to death that there is no end of blatant anti-biblical elements to be found in rock music, but these folks always seem to go hunting for secret messages and vaguely pagan symbolism.

I’d seen the death list before, and what really gets me is (even if you accept that Romans 6:23 is referring to the death of the physical body, and that death from drugs, AIDS, plane crashes, heart attacks, etc. means that you are obviously evil and God killed you) that rock music isn’t that old. We’re only just now getting to a point where rockers would start dying of old age, so most rock musicians who are dead will have necessarily died of some non old-age issue. And I’m sorry, but I’d hardly call Willie Dixon (the one guy to have died of old age) Rock N Roll.

I’m going to stop visiting my grandma. She has a painting of a farm on her wall. It’s obvious that the goat symbolizes Satan.


Don’t forget Rush: Re-Unite Satan’s House!

I pretty much gave up listening to these kinds of people for two related reasons: ignorance and seeing only what they want to see. Three key examples:

There was a guy at the church I grew up in whose mission in life was to save us teenagers from the evils of rock & roll. One day I was sharing some Rush lyrics with him (I don’t recall why I was doing this), specifically “The Necromancer” and “The Fountain of Lamneth” from the “Caress of Steel” album. Both were “epic” pieces that told good stories. Instead of actually reading the full lyrics he instead zeroed in on two words: “necromancer”, from the first song, and “panacea” from the second song. And he “defined” those words for me like so: a “necromancer” is somebody who has sex with dead bodies :confused: and “pancea” is a sugar pill :smack: The first one is obviously wrong, though I could chalk that up to momentary confusion due to the common root word “necro” in the words “necromancer” and “necrophiliac”. The second is just completely wrong - a panacea is “a solution or remedy for all diseases or difficulties” (I’d looked it up myself the first time I read it at age 14, having never encountered the word before). He was clearly thinking of the word “placebo”. But even if panacea did mean “sugar pill”, what was the objection to that?

In an anti-rock video we were forced to watch, the preacher in the video was displaying Iron Maiden album covers, and pointing out an odd little symbol that appears somewhere in the artwork of every cover. He said something along the lines of, “I don’t know what it represents, specifically, but it’s clearly some kind of occult symbol.” Not being an Iron Maiden fan at the time I didn’t think much of it. But I got into Maiden some time later, and I finally learned the meaning of that “occult” symbol: it was the artist’s signature.

Finally, and again with Iron Maiden, another anti-rocker made the statement, “Every song on The Number of the Beast is about Satan, except for “22 Acacia Avenue” which is about prostitution.” Again, I read this before I was into Maiden. When I later got into the band and actually listened to that album, I found myself wondering if that critic had done any “research” beyond looking at the cover art and glancing at the song titles.

Wow. Those stories make me laugh and cry at the same time, Mister Rik.

I’d never heard of Re-Unite Satan’s House (when was it divided?) but given that I CAN’T STAND Rush, I’m just going to go ahead and take this one as gospel. :wink:

No, no, no - KISS is Knight’s In Satan’s Service.

As a kid I was told it’s Running Under Satan’s Hand.

That’s the one I heard. But I suppose that, as long as the scarebots were just making stuff up, it made sense to change “knights” to “kids”, as the latter presents a greater implication that doze evil bastids is after our children.