"96 die in drug-sex-rock concert from HELL"

This article is unbelievable. The ignorance of some people never ceases to amaze me.


I am probably going to hell.

What a joke.

I like this quote:

Not many Americans are aware of the Satantic roots of Satan’s Slaughter and Rotting Christ? Hmm. Also, I don’t know about you, but I always thought that Dying Fetus was a wholesome boy band. Color me shocked.

Napalm death isn’t even heavy metal, it’s grindcore. Shows you how much they know.

But in the third picture you can see a puppy playing with a typewriter in the smoke. Then, an the upper right hand corner, a watermelon is clearly visable…

What always amuses me is how these supposedly pure Christian writers have heard of all these groups and can quote their lyrics voluminously or at least have access to their lyrics.

As a heathen Dungeon Master who prefers jazz and classical, I hadn’t even heard of most of those bands.

Diablos Satanicos are Satanists? Sweet mother of God, who’d have thunk it? :eek:

wow, and I thought the were touring with the Brady Bunch.

Wow, I never realized that Rhode Island was so close to Salem, MA. I think I’ll walk over and visit my cousin in Providence.

See, it looks to me like the circled hands are “throwing horns” rather than anything else. Whatta bunch of idiots.

\m/= throwing horns.

Damn. I thought this was going to be a Rammstein thread.

Wodner what they say when a church burns and people die?

If you’re from Rhode Island, Salem isn’t close. (Rhode Islanders think anything over 20 minutes is a “day trip”) :wink:

They forgot to mention KISS, which of course we all know, stands for Knights In Satan’s Service :rolleyes:

“Why is there a watermelon there?”

You are a dupe of Satan, jay-c. KISS stands for Kids in Satan’s Service. :smiley:

I grew up right across the harbor from Salem, and I think it’s hilariously frightening that these people are stretching to make such a tenuous connection between the Witch Trials and what happened in Warwick, at least 90 minutes to the South.

90 minutes?!? What do you drive, a Cessna?

I think it’s hilarious that these people talk about Salem like it’s a big coven of evil, when in fact it was a place where a bunch of irrational nutters made blind accusations and ruined peoples’ lives.

(Yeah, I know, Laurie Cabot and all)

[12-year old]

I would just like to thank the author for giving me a big list of new bands to check out! And to think, my parents were upset that I listened to Limp Bizkit. Wait’ll they get a load of Rotting Christ!

[/12-year old]

I’m in-line with** Peyote Coyote** on this one. I’d never heard of half those bands either.

If you think that’s bad, you should see capalert’s website rating movies as unsuitable for good Christians and their children - complete with graphic play by play descriptions of the movie, swear word score cards, and all the other juicy details any 12 year old would love to have to decide whether a movie was raunchy enough to make a whole lotta effort to go and see.

For ‘good Christians’ they sure do know a whole hell of a lot about some really ‘unclean’ movies.

\m/ >.<


:bats at demonic manifestations: