The difference in Canadian and American Game Shows

American Game shows: Have big elaborate sets and large capacity seating.
Canadian Game shows: Are set in a such exotic locales as a supermarket.

American Game Shows: Have big expensive moving lights, and lasers.
Canadian Game shows: Have fluorescent tube lighting.

American Game Shows: Have powerful computer-controlled high-resolution displays and game boards.
Canadian Game Shows: Have monochromatic 8-bit Apple IIe graphics.

American Game Shows: Test your knowlege of world events and people.
Canadian Game Shows: Test how well you can figure out personalized license plates.

American Game Shows: Have big-budget prize packages, and loads of prize money.

Canadian Game Shows: Feature “All you can grab off the supermarket shelf in 30 seconds” style prizes, and/or a free weekend in a hotel in your home town.

American game shows: Feature celebrity guests, such as Whoopee Goldburg, Robin Williams, etc.
Canadian Game Shows: Have that Graham Green guy who plays the native in all of our made-for-tv specials.

Just a bit of pointless stuff I made up. Have any other differences? Lemme have em! Just for fun. Not necessarily accurate.

“Supermarket Sweep” is Canadian? You can never tell with those Canadians – they blend in so well with us.

no, it isn’t. there is, however, a canadian version.

what the OP fails to understand is that the US has its share of low-budget game shows. it’s just that canada doesn’t have any high-budget shows, so the OP seems equate the low-budget ones with canada.

hmm… because that is more ridiculous than picking a door ad naseum.

Actually, the OP is aware of all these things, but was just having a bit of mindless fun…

Thanks for playing! What have we got for him, Ronnie?

Why it’s a set of saucepans, Jim!

i would rather have a humidifier*, thank you.

*what my mother won on Definition

Have we had ANY gameshows (Save Supermarket Sweep, which I THINK is still going) in the last 15 years?

I miss The Liar’s Club and Definition…

Although it seems like the kind of thing the CBC would take a shot at, we do not have “Make Me Laugh”. I realize that this really has nothing to do with the OP but I still feel validated somehow. Speaking of taking shots…

Don’t forget the Possum Lodge Word Game! (Which sometimes features Grahame Green.)