The Diner in movies

US movies have ‘the diner’ as a staple ingredient where various examples of how our characters interaction with the world is lived out. The diner as a device to show aspects of character as well as a metaphor for the American Dream as a journey - ‘not my house - not your house - we’re at the diner’.
My favourites - 5 Easy pieces, Midnight Run, Fearless, After Hours, Groundhog Day, 2 Lane Blacktop, Diner, Heat, Goodfellas, Natural Born Killers, etc etc.

What’s the UK equivalent? What is there in UK cinema to match - certainly not ‘the pub’ - it doesn’t perform the same function.

So what are your fave diner scenes and is there a UK cinema equal?

In the first BLOB, with Steve McQueen, …

Pulp Fiction began & ended in a diner.