Dinner and a Movie

I know it isn’t a new concept, but I think one has finally gotten it right. I’m sure you have seen the new movie theaters where you can also have diner served to you. A new one just opened near me and we went the other night and it was way better than the others we have been to.

Past ones seem to be renovated theaters with the food as an after thought… nachos… cheese fries… that type of thing. The new one has Ahi Tuna, Vietnamese Summer Rolls, Pulled Pork Sandwiches, Grilled Salmon Filet. The founder is one who started California Pizza Kitchen.

We booked our tickets on-line and were seated as soon as we got there. The seats were the most comfortable I’ve ever seen (I was a bit afraid I may fall asleep in them). The servers refer to themselves as Ninjas and it is appropriate. Oh yeah… they are also a micro brewery. I needed a refill on my beer and just wrote my order on a pad and pushed the button. In a matter of minutes my empty glass was removed and a full beer was there instead and I barely noticed the server.

It is called Flix Brewhouse… and no I am in no way affiliated with them. If you live in Texas, Des Moines or Indy you are in luck. Fortunately the new one is within walking distance from my house… plus I can get a growler filled up there. I don’t think I’ll ever go to a normal theater and buy the $8 popcorn again.

Anyone else go to this type of place? What do you think… will the old business model prevail? The cost really wasn’t any more considering we also had appetizers, dinner, and beer.

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There’s a theater in my home town of El Cerrito that’s similar. The Cerrito Theater serves restaurant-style food, wine and beer along with the regular theater snacks. There’s a wine bar at the front of the theater that’s good enough that people go there for food and drinks without seeing a movie. In addition to pizza and burgers, they have panini, a charcuterie plate, roasted brussels sprouts, a pork belly dish and more.

Now that people have home theater systems and can download and stream things at will, movie theaters have to provide reasons for people to go other than the movie itself. A restaurant-like experience is one way to do it.

Personally, I like going to a diner after a movie, so I can have coffee and pie and talk about the film with my date. :slight_smile:

So… you eat a full meal while you’re watching a movie?

I rarely go to the cinema now - and this is in part because my enjoyment of the film is often ruined by having to listen to people crunching nachos and slurping their drinks etc all around me. I’m curious as to how the places the OP mentions have solved this (or is it just accepted as part of the deal?).

Is this a place to go to watch a movie you haven’t seen before (in which case, how do you avoid missing bits as you’re eating?), or is it somewhere to rewatch a seen-before favourite?

Sure… why not? Many people now eat dinner while watching TV.

They seat you 30 minutes before the movie starts so you have time to talk to your server and order. I just looked at the menu and there really isn’t anything crunchy on it, and the majority can be picked up and eaten so no need for silverware most of the time. No bags of candy to rattle around, no straws making noise through the plastic lid of the cup… just a quiet chew on the pita dipped in the spinach artichoke dip and a quiet sip from the pint of beer. We were served before the feature started and quietly ate through the first quarter or so. I really didn’t notice any other noise from others eating around us.

They show first run movies and also some older classics. They are currently showing Back to the Future and also the first Pitch Perfect (and then will show the second when it comes out). They also are showing the new Avengers and Hot Pursuit.

There’s a Cinema Pub near us. I don’t think the movies are the most current but the people who have been there like the idea. Seems like the beer is more of an attraction than the meals.

I can’t imagine eating a meal while watching a movie. A pint or two would be nice, but a meal? Either eat before or after. It sounds kinda disgusting actually.

There’s one in my area that people speak highly of but I’m a bit leary. I share **Mangetout’s ** feelings as far as listening to people eat. Also, does the atmosphere lend itself to people using their mobile devices even more than usual? I know the OP sort of covered this, but I can’t help but feel that so many people are so clueless as to proper theater etiquette in a traditional setting, I shudder to think how they would act in an even more relaxed situation. And with alcohol no less.

I like the concept and it’s gotton us back out to the theatre a few times although we’d already switched to normally just watching them from home.

Maybe someday we’ll get lucky and go to Diner and a Dinner.

At the Cerrito you order at the concession stand. They give you a number and bring your food to you in the theater.

I haven’t found the sound of people eating to be disruptive. People have been eating in movie theaters for a long time, only now instead of eating things like popcorn and candy, they’re eating things like sandwiches, pizza and salads. The only thing that’s a little bit bothersome is having waiters bringing in food during the feature. They try to get everyone served before the feature starts, but they don’t always succeed.

Alamo Drafthouse

Pretty much the only way I’ll see a movie anymore.

Now I can really get behind this. I’ve said for years I’d be willing to pay more for any theater that bans phone use and other rude behavior. Unfortunately this particular franchise is not in my area yet. I notice they don’t allow anyone under six. The one near me is strictly 21 and over.

There used to be a theater like this in downtown Indianapolis, called Hollywood Bar and Filmworks. It was a really nifty place to go. Unfortunately it closed about ten years ago or so, because ongoing construction made parking downtown almost impossible for some time, and that really hit the theater hard.

As stated, you got there and were seated about a half hour before the film started, which gave you time to look at the menu and place your order. Servers came to your tables–yes, there were tables, oriented so everyone could see the screen. Oftentimes you would even have your food before the movie had actually started.

The food was typical pub-type stuff, burgers and sandwiches, but it wasn’t too bad. A nice place to take a date.

We had a Cinemas Grille back home that was the same thing.

They used to show second-run movies only but during the latter third of my life there they switched to first-runs. I never had a problem there since any “food sounds” would be easily drowned out by the movie taking place. I wouldn’t recommend one of these for a movie that you have to really pay attention to, but if you’re just going to watch a fun film I always loved it.

Had a GREAT spicy chicken fingers combo and not-too-bad cherry cheesecake and man I’m hungry now

I went there back in the day… it was nice, but this one is way better. Make the trek up to Carmel which is where this one is.

To address the cell phones etc. They supposedly have very strict policies of no talking, no texting and no late seating. It wasn’t an issue during the show we went to.

We plan to go back for the new Jurassic Park movie that will be shown on their IMax type of screen when that opens next month.

Okay, good to know! What’s it called? It would actually be a trek down to Carmel for me, since I live in Muncie now, but I might check it out.

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