The Dobermoodle

Ultra Poodle Disguise Kit for Dobermans™

I have to say, he doesn’t look at all impressed.

hahahahahahahaha wow
I wonder how my dog would look disguised as an Afghan hound…

or maybe I could disguise her as a parrot. I bet she’d love that.

(my dog)

I have a 7# Yorkie. I’d have to disguise him as a cat.

the shame, the shame

Check out the Easter egg under the Mastiff. Hilarious!

When I saw “Dobermoodle” in the OP, I thought for sure you were talking about all the “new” crossbreeds with poddles.

I have seen Labradoodles, Goldendoodles and Schnoodles so far. Hysterical.

Google any of the above names and laugh your ass off.
Debbie, who really dislikes poodles…

That Doberman is so getting his ass kicked at the dog park.

You haven’t even begun to laugh

awwww! some of those are really really cute!

(the poodle crossbreeds, I mean)

rats. there’s no weimardoodle picture. I’ll just have to paste shag carpeting to my dog and see how one looks

I would never, ever tell anyone my dog was called a Shih-Poo. Or a Dobermoodle. I’m gagging already. Why not just “Doberman-Poodle cross”?

Snazzy costume, though.

Guess I’ll be buying 3 disguise kits since all of my dogs are on the “dangerous” list.

Although last Halloween we did dress up the shepherd mix as the Taco Bell dog.