"The Donald"?

Who started calling Donald Trump “The Donald”? When did this start and why?

IIRC, it his first wive Ivana called him this. I have no idea why. Possibly in her native language, which I think is Czech, proper names take a definite article in some circumstances? Just a wild guess on my part.

Not sure why, but yes it was Ivana Trump who referred to her (then) husband “The Donald” in an interview. I guess the media found it funny, then it just stuck.

…she used to refer to everyone with an article in front of their first name. I read this in a profile of her in Spy magazine back in the eighties, when those two were still married.

The funny part of it all was when she supposedly was at an event looking for someone named ‘Dick’. The author of the article swore she ran about calling out “Where is The Dick? I NEED The Dick!”

And now other people are calling him “the Donald”, even though “Assface” is shorter and more descriptive.