The dream which refuses to end

Part 1 - I was attached as an intern to a print design shop. The dream was quite pleasant, beginning with me watching videos of cute puppies (how could a dream go wrong when you have cute puppies?)

There were some brain static, then we move on to

Part 2 - The bullies enter the picture. Somehow we would be in a bus and they will seat behind me. Without permission they would draw something with a black marker on the back of my neck. I tried screaming at them, warning them, slapping them and hitting them. Nothing works. They persist. I believe they haunt me around the shop too. Damn.

Again, brain static. I think I woke up for a while and head the loo.

Part 3 - I complain to the bosses. They refuse to listen. I decide to quit. I screamed at them I am quitting, because they did nothing about the bullies. This was before an important presentation. I smashed an important mounted poster they were going to show to a client. I broke the presentation CD into half. The people mill around me, begging me to stop and to stay, but I just point my finger at the bullies and say, “Then why don’t you do anything about them? Are they some important big-fuck’s sons ah?”

Again, I crawled up from my bed. Darn that one sequel of a dream.

Part 4 - Asleep again, I find myself in a panic. I was an intern, on attachment, and this is graded! I made plans to commit suicide (no kidding) because I am convinced I have failed university forever. I think I cried in the dream and in real life too. I went to beg with my boss to let me back in. He spoke rather half-heartedly, then ask me for my help to copy and paste a picture from the Internet into a Word document. All the usual methods does not work. I panic and cried again.

And this is when I wake up and decide NOT to sleep anymore.