The Dresden Files is cancelled

I read today that the Dresden Files is officially cancelled on Sci-Fi. :frowning:

Damn that blows. Not like they have a bunch of good shows to take it’s place.

Well, maybe someone can convince the fine folks at Fox to pick it up. :wink:

Someone needs to drag this thread into the Pit so I can vent properly before I burst a vein in my head.


Typical. They fucked around with the production, showing episodes out of order, then cancel it.


How many shows have they Farscaped now?

Tuckerfan, I think Paul Blackthorne has already signed on to a different show. I doubt this is going to be picked up by another network, as much as I’d love it to.

Hey, Nicolas Cage, why didn’t you fight harder???


Whooosh! Fox’s record of killing decent shows without giving them a chance is even worse than Sci Fi’s.

I’m quite incensed about this. Despite their ham-handed handling of the show, the ratings were not all that bad for a first-season show on the channel. In fact–from what I’m told–they weren’t much weaker than the ratings for Battlestar Galactica, which Sci-Fi seems determined to drag along until all the meat is flensed from its bones.

Like Loach said, what are they going to replace it with? More “made for Sci-Fi” movies? More phony psychics? Wrestling?


More cheap-ass horror films (dudes, Horror does not= Science Fiction). :rolleyes:

Everything decent on that channel either gets dumped or turns to crap- well except old re-runs.

I’m sorry to hear this. I enjoy the books and thought the series was watchable.

And yet Painkiller Jane staggers on. Weird. I liked Dresden Files - it wasn’t the most thrilling TV experience, but it was fairly fun. In many ways it was superior to the books, and I bet it would have improved as it went on. Wankers.

Oh, no! Just yesterday I was wondering when the next season would start…I was kind of looking forward to it, too. I mean, it wasn’t the best series ever, but it was good fun, and I liked Paul Blackthorne as Harry. And if they announce the start of a new series called Jake from Idaho, my head is going to spontaneously combust.

Nuts. Now I have to break it to my girlfriend (crush on Paul Blackthorne).

Tis sad. As a semi-insider, we knew this was coming a long while ago.

For those of you who need a Blackthorne fix, he’s joining the cast of ABC’s new drama “Hot Shots” as a recurring character. NBC/Sci-Fi/Lionsgate sat on Dresden for MONTHS and MONTHS and really dropped the ball. They felt the viewership wasn’t there to support a second season (even though the show did better then BSG).

Lionsgate had the option of saving Dresden or Masters of Horror with a move to the city of Edmonton, Alberta – it chose to move MoH, pretty much putting the final nail in Harry’s coffin.

What’s interesting is that in the past two weeks, the books have picked up in sales and Harry Dresden’s stories have been picked up by the media… get this… as suggested reading for people who are now in withdrawal from Harry Potter being over. Sure, it’s not the same style, but the books are good, the stories are fresh, and hey, it’s a modern day wizard all grown up. Almost.

We’re gonna miss Harry. The people on the inside who had a paw in the development in some capacity (even if only tangentially) were sad to see it go. You never know, though. With enough fan support and plenty of media attention, there could be a January pickup. Blackthorne’s ABC role is a recurring, and the network has ordered 13 eps of the new series only so far.

So – write to Sci-Fi, write to Lionsgate, and who knows, maybe they will bring him back. Hopefully he won’t have self-defensed him to death!

[ETA: If execs had been smart, Lionsgate would have struck the deal with NBC’s USA Network or fought for a space on broadcast with Dresden, not Sci-Fi. Seriously, Dresden’s appeal is actually far broader than the market Sci-Fi has. It would have fared WAY better on USA. Not only that, but it would have received more support, better budgets, better showrunning backing, better advertising, and a hell-a-lot better management. I’m just saying.]

Drat. My husband and I were just talking about the show a couple of nights ago. I told him that I hadn’t heard anything about it coming back but that I thought the ratings were okay.

I’m not sure that Paul Blackthorne was really perfect for the part, but he sure is nice to look at.

That sucks. I loved the chemistry between the characters; I downloaded the shows on itunes and even emailed scifi to tell them to renew.

That was my thought too, but I couldn’t remember the name of that miserable show.

I didn’t think it was very good frankly but there are worse series that aren’t cancelled so… WTF?

Tell you what, lately it’s so bad I hardly want to even give a new series a chance, because it’s more than likely that if it’s anything but a reality show, it’ll be cancelled before the first season is over.

Ah, okay. You were probably talking about Firefly or something maybe?

Yeah, Fox sucks too, but have they really killed more decent shows than Scifi?