The e-mail's turned off ?

It says when I try to see a e-mail address of another poster that it’s been turned off by the Admin. Is this just part of the upgrade or is it a new security measure ?

How did you look for the address?

If someone wishes to display their email address in their individual profile, you should be able to see it.

There IS a function that we can turn on or off that hides email addresses, but I don’t think it’s active.

Lemme go test and see what’s going on.

Sorry for your inconvenience.

your humble TubaDiva

When I click on the mail icon under your post I get this page .

And in you profile it says : click here to mail tubadiva :

That brings me back to the above link .

Not a biggy , I know your most likely very busy . :slight_smile:

This IS a problem.

Lemme kick this over to Jerry for a fix.

your humble TubaDiva

This is a known bug in the current version of the software. A fix has been implemented locally and hopefully will be implemented in the next released version of vBulletin as well.



Thanks guys/lasses. :smiley:

The link there takes me to a page that has a mailto link for the address in question. Seems like feature to me, as there are no email addresses in the html for spam-bots to gather.

In another Email related query…
When I click on “email this page” it says I’m not logged on.
Funny, I was logged on when I posted. It won’t LET me log on. Just keeps sending me the you aren’t logged on screen.
Little help here?

The “email to a friend” has been turned off. That’s another of those features used by people with negative intent to harass others.

You can achieve the same effect by simply cutting and pasting into an email.

We apologize for any inconvenience you may have with the disabling of this feature and hope you understand the reasons behind the removal.

your humble TubaDiva

I guess we’ll get used to it. I can certainly see the reason. How about posting new instructions for the board?
The braver-than-me people just click on everything and try to figure out what happened, but the more computer illterate (OK, ME!) are sure we (OK, Me again) will freeze up, delete, self destruct, whatever. Maybe somewhere that could be left up for newbies as they come? (OK, OK, for ME because I forget!)
Thanks Tuba!