The eel-huffing epidemic in young seals.

Apparently an increasing number of young monk seals are being discovered with eels jammed up their noses. Scientists don’t know why this keeps happening, but conciser it fishy.

High as a kite, everybody! Goofballs!

Great, now some college kid will want to ban eels.

I hope they’re not electric eels. Could be shocking.:slight_smile:

If it feels good, who’s to say it’s wrong?

More likely, some college kid will want to start huffing eels himself.

I knew a pinniped who snarfed up an eel
He snarfed up the eel to get the cod
He snarfed up the cod to get the Lamprey
That wriggled and twisted and slimed his nose damply
He snarfed up the Lamprey to get the straw
I don’t know why, he snarfed up a straw,
It’s seal bourgeois

The first rule about eel huffing is you don’t talk about eel huffing.

May the eel of Hawaiian monk seals fly up your nose

Great! Now my hovercraft is full of seals

“If all the other seals stuck an eel up their nose would you do it to?”

“Sure, mom.”

Maybe one eel told the others “Hey, gang, watch this!”, and the others didn’t want to look like cowards so they did it too.

A more important question is why are all of these eels running around with monk seals stuck on their heads?


Given that they’re all dead, I think it’s an apocalyptic suicide cult. More than half a dozen eels have already sacrificed themselves. They even made a movie about it.

To which one replied, “How the hell can I hold your beer when I don’t have any hands? You’re drunk!”

Well, I laughed my ass off.

When an eel hits your snout
like an unmannered lout,
that’s a moraaaay…

Adenoidal seals attempt holistic cure. Film at eleven.

It makes me wonder how these guys ever got Bin Laden.

So an eel took his car to a mechanic and while waiting noticed an ice cream shop across the street …