The effects of Alcohol

I talk a lot.

If I keep drinking, eventually, I sing.

Very late at night, after everyone else is going home, or quietly sleeping it off, I wander off into the night, singing.

I fall down some. Eventually, I can’t get up.

Then I sleep.

I don’t drink much, anymore.

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Hmm… I’m sure I’m gonna get bullshit called on me for this, but I tend to have the opposite reaction as normal to alcohol… when I get drunk I can’t get it DOWN. Too bad I’m too shy to ever find a date and put that to use. As far as specific types of alcohol, Tequilla and Rum give me headaches, and Beer makes me hurl if I drink more than one (from someone who can drink a 24oz margarita and stay conscious).

The early bird gets the worm, but the second mouse gets the cheese.

I can’t drink wine and champagne because within minutes of drinking the stuff, I get these absolutely blinding, head-exploding kind of headaches. The buzz isn’t very good either.

Rum makes me act silly and stupid. The only times I ever sing Karaoke is when I’m drinking rum.

Tequila makes me hornier than hell, unless I’m already in a bad mood, then it just makes me even more mad.

Vodka makes me sad and sentimental. I’m the only person I know who gets this reaction from vodka. Most people I know get wild and crazy from drinking this, but not me. I find sad love songs on the radio and sing along with them, loudly.

I’ve never drank enough beer to even get drunk because I don’t like the stuff, so I don’t know how I would react. I do agree, however, that even one cheap can of beer works quicker than any laxative out there on the market.

“Most people would succeed in small things, if they were not troubled with
great ambitions.”

  • Henry Wadsworth Longfellow (1807-1882)

I forgot to mention that I only drink maybe once or twice a year. I come from a long line of alcoholics, so I’ve made it my goal in life not to become one. Funny thing, I was the only sober person at the Halloween party I went to last weekend.

“Most people would succeed in small things, if they were not troubled with
great ambitions.”

  • Henry Wadsworth Longfellow (1807-1882)

Beer just makes me silly…
Rum or vodka and I go on severe laughing jags.
Tequila definitely makes me horny (or hornier, I should say)
Everclear (moonshine) is what really puts me to sleep.

Cecil never mentioned the horny factor in his Tequila column.

So…when ya comin’ down to visit, Sue? LOL!

I haven’t really noticed any difference in the way different alcohol affects my behavior.

Rum makes me sick by itself, but that’s because of the way it smells.

I don’t know what it is about beer, but that stuff is like liquid Ex-lax. I avoid the stuff.

You say “cheesy” like that’s a BAD thing.

I’m beginning to thing that nothing will make me horny ever again. Really. Occassionally in the distant past, bourbon would make me horny… anymore all alcohol just makes me sleepy.

O p a l C a t

Champagne gives me a raging headache. Tequila makes me hopped up and ready to right all wrongs. Dr Tichenor’s makes me want to move to West Memphis and get a job at the track.

Well, I’ve never had a hangover, and I drink quite a bit. I’m always horny, shit I’m a man.

Wine makes me amourous (lack of a better word), I get lovey dovey, and start telling you how beautiful you look, and how much I can see deep in your eyes. Assuming your a woman.

Beer encompasses all moods, I drink it all the time, so I can’t peg one reaction on it. It pretty much doesn’t get me drunk, unless I really start chugging. Usually it makes me loud, and talkative, frequently talking shit, and getting competitive.

Rum, mainly Captain’s, gets me hyper, and I’ll run around and dance.

Tequila is a good excuse to do body shots, and we all know where that leads.

Vodka makes me kinda sleepy, but it can sneak up on me and really get me ripped.

I don’t like whiskey, bourbon or scotch. A good Congac is a nice way to finish a meal and it makes me warm, and thirsty to start partying. Same goes for Gran Marnier.

I almost always mix my alcohols, so these reaction are all relative.