The elections forum is broken. Please move the World Cup threads to thread games

I already started a pit thread, but now I’m making a formal request. No offense to the poster, but these kinds of threads are basically multiple versions of the same topic and they’re pushing down other threads, other topics that were getting some good discussion. The game threads are making it hard to follow all the other threads.

Threads about elections belong in Elections, IMO.

It is a crowded Democratic field. If you don’t want to discuss that fact, you don’t have to.



Thank you taking the initiative on this. You certainly speak for me, too.

It’s not that all those OPs weren’t worthy of discussion, it’s that when posted as a batch they obscure and make less robust other important discussions.

Thirded. When they take over the entire page and you can’t find actual topics in between, that’s too much.

There is a rule against one person posting too many times in other threads. Make that rule apply in Elections as well.

Count me in as wishing those things were in Thread Games (or at least not clobbering the whole freaking forum at once).

I think I counted 9 threads solely for this joke-y format; it’s about half my browser page, which is open the length of my monitor (I see about 20 threads at a time).


It hijacks the complete forum to one poster’s idea of a fun idea.

I read via the New Posts link, so what forum they are in doesn’t really matter to me. I have no interest in participating in them but understand that others do, so that’s cool. But seriously, there are a lot of threads related to this at one time. If we could reduce the number of put them all in a single thread per round I’d certainly appreciate less clutter.

It doesn’t bother me. There’s plenty of other topics in Elections. And, the threads will be reduced once the first round is over.

Yeah, I think they belong there. Be at peace and, if you don’t like them, they’ll be gone soon.

These “annoying” threads in question don’t even push the new threads from the past day in Elections to a second page. Not really seeing a problem here.

And for fucks sake, people complain we don’t have anywhere near the activity at the SDMB that we used to, so now we’re gonna bitch about it when people actually are having fruitful discussions? And we need *two *threads for people to complain about how redundant these threads are?

Are these one-on-one matchup threads pointless? Are they silly? Yep and yep, and so is pretty near everything else we discuss here. But if they get people talking about the differences between the candidates, and give some attention to other candidates aside from the top five, all the better. You lump them all together into one thread, it just becomes another generic Dem primary discussion.

Plus, these threads just create more content and places for people in interact here. That’s a good thing. It’s a message board, it needs messages.

Gotta applaud the patience shown and the clear way that posted opinions were taken into account and considered before a decision was rendered; good job!

The threads that show up at the top are the ones that people are posting in. I find that scrolling past threads that don’t interest me is not a big deal.

The decision was rendered when the guy running those polls asked permission to do so and both Bone and I approved them. It’s not like that wasn’t clear from the get-go.

But think of the people who’ve never had to scroll to find something to post in? How could they possibly adapt?

I concur.

Sure, I get that. But now the customers have voted they are a bad idea. So, it was perfectly Ok for you guys to OK them, but now, after a public outcry, it’s also Ok to rethink.

Two identical threads started by the same poster with mostly the same people complaining in each hardly constitutes a “public outcry.” Much more people have actually participated in the threads you’re complaining about.


I can find the multiple threads annoying and still play the game.

It’s not horrific. But it is a poor excuse for actual political discussions; more of an acknowledgement that decent actual discussions are a bit wanting. They do not contribute to creating them; they fill in space on an assumption that nothing better will. Which could be an accurate assessment, but it helps assure the accuracy of that prophecy.