The Emmy's are a JOKE

Every year, it seems the same people are nominated…

John Lithgow for 3rd Rock from the Sun??!!! Does anyone watch that show anymore?

Dennis Franz as Sipowitz…his character stopped being interesting about 4 seasons ago.

Kelsey Grammar & David Hyde Pierce



Surely there are other actors that are more deserving…what about William Peterson from CSI? Dylan McDermott from The Practice? And Robert Downey, JR nominated for best supporting actor in a comedy?..GET REAL!!! None of the actors from Law and Order nominated? Sheesh…

Why stop at the Emmys? The Grammys and Oscars aren’t any better. I stopped paying attention a while ago.

Are the Emmys run like the Academy Awards? Does your show have to choose to send in a tape of you in order for you to be considered? Are you only considered on the basis of the one scene on the tape? Or the one episode it came from?

Some of the nominations are great, but HBO seems to dominate the “made for TV movie” catagory, as well as some others. Emme Thompson’s nomination for Wit is nice, although I didn’t think the performanmce was that much of a stretch for her, though it would have been for most other actresses.

Emmys don’t really translate into anything, anyway. Look at Tracey Ullman- her show recieved it’s Emmys AFTER it’s cancellation, which she pointed out in her acceptance speech.

Some insane catagories as well, unless of course you are the multi-camera picture editor for a miniseries.