Emmy nominations

List here.

Lots of “Downton Abbey” love, though I didn’t think the second season was as good as the first.

Glad “Sherlock: A Scandal in Belgravia” got a nom for TV movie/miniseries.

Nurse Jackie is a comedy?

Edie Falco won an Emmy for Best Actress in a Comedy in the show’s first year, so I guess so.

Nothing for Nick Offerman? A crime. Nothing for Community. Parks & Rec mostly dissed.

When that PoS The Big Bang Theory beats out Louie, Community, and It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia for best comedy, I have to conclude someone on the nominating committee’s getting blown.

How is American Horror Story a miniseries, when shows with seasons of similar length are not?

Kathy Bates is in Two and a Half Men? (I haven’t watched this season.) I thought she was in The Office?

She was in one episode where she played the ghost of Charlie Sheen.

According to this article, that’s the category the producers nominated it for.

Community got a writing nominating for the Chaos Theory episode, so there’s that consolation. Nurse Jackie has always been a comedy, but perhaps only because it’s a half hour long. If they nominated it as a drama, it wouldn’t get any respect.

So thrilled for all the Downton Abbey noms, especially Brendan Coyle & Joanne Froggatt!!

Mad Men got 17 nominations. Elizabeth Moss for Best Actress & Christina Hendricks for Best Supporting Actress. (Along with all the other usual suspects.)

And Sherlock got 13! In a different category, so I can root for both of them…

The Emmy noms the last couple of years are baffling. They know enough about good television to nominate shows like Louie, but they then ignore shows like Community (except for writing, woo!).

E.g., best suppporting actor in a comedy: 4 guys from generic “comedy” Modern Family. 1 actual guy trying to act (who should be the official lead actor), 1 generic filler nobody and 2 play-to-the-stereotype-actual-acting-not-required guys. And yet no room for Danny Pudi.

Dear Emmy voters: 30 Rock hasn’t been award worthy for at least a couple seasons. It’s a ghost of its former self. Just because a show has been on the air a while and once was pretty good doesn’t mean you still keep on nominating it. After all, you wouldn’t nominate the The Simpsons would you? Would you? Please tell me you wouldn’t. Oh, gack.

No Archer? Obviously the work of ODIN.

Thanks. It seems odd that the producers get to choose in which category to submit shows for consideration. Although the alternative would be for the Emmy committee to do so, which would probably lead to endless complaints from the producers that they weren’t considering their show in the correct category.

I’m quite upset that Maisie Williams didn’t get a nomination for Supporting Actress for her work on Game of Thrones. She fucking killed it.

And I am so torn on Best Drama and Best Supporting Actor in a drama…I love both Game of Thrones and Breaking Bad…they are up against each other in both…and in fact, BB is up against itself. I’d love for Aaron Paul to win another, but Giancarlo Esposito was phenomenal, and since he won’t get another chance, it would be nice for him to win. (BB season 4 spoiler.)

Some observations…

All six grown-ups from Modern Family were nominated for supporting actor.

Out of the 12 nominees for best series, 9 were from cable, 1 each for CBS, NBC, and ABC. Fox was shut out.

Neither Conan nor Jay were nominated for their variety shows.

Louis CK picked up five nominations: comedy lead, comedy series directing, comedy special directing, comedy series writing, and comedy special writing

Jon Cryer, perhaps sensing that he can’t compete against the Modern Family cabal, put himself up for lead comedy actor and received a nomination. He previously won for supporting comedy actor for the same role

I agree. I’m glad he played hooky today for the ceremony.

Who is whom?

Did Jeff Probst get overlooked? I thought he owned the best reality/competition show category, winning it every year it has been a category.

Perhaps I’m wrong.

You are correct, sir.

Bill Hader and Kristin Wiig are both nominated in Supporting/Comedy for SNL. Have any SNL actors been nominated for acting Emmys before?