The Empire of Medieval Pursuits?

Apparently this is another Medieval reenactment group, but I’ve never heard of them. Their website is a navigational nightmare that doesn’t reveal much history about the group, so what can you tell me about them and what is your opinion of them?

PBS did take a look in 2016:

(5 minute video)

That looked like an ad for the group instead of an actual PBS report. It didn’t tell us anything about who started/runs it, how big it is and what makes it different form the SCA…but looking at that “Ring Of Fire” stupidity might lead one to believe that the founder was Vince McMahon.

Damn, 'cause being a SCAdian or a RenRat wasn’t enough testosterone fueled goofiness.

You can’t get more medievally authentic then fighting in a circle of fire while your helmet and sword are also on fire.

While drinking honey flavored Everclear . . . I mean ‘mead’!