The end of the world - what will you post?

It’s December 21, 2012. The Mayan calendar has run out of dates. The Earth is rapidly being destroyed. Mere hours remain before the end of everything we know and love.

So of course, we’re all at our computers, posting furiously. What threads will be started and/or closed on the day the Earth is destroyed.


Cafe Society
So which Apocalypse movie got it right?

Who here has vacationed in Mazatlan?

Great Debates
Obama really screwed it up this time


I’m tired of this place, goodbye all!

Originally Posted by Ed Zotti
ANNOUNCEMENT: New servers are online

Oh I don’t believe that! There will be no new servers here until there are new masters. End of time or not.

But on the up side, anyone who is attempting to read the Dope when the end of the world comes will be among the last people to know about it.

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I feel fine

Anyone have a spare invite to* GoogleRescueShip*? Need answers fast!

Lifted from a tag line from way back when usenet mail and QWK packets were all the rage…
*“Bother!” said Pooh, as The Borg assimilated the planet.


What was that?


It was a Gnab Gib

and thanks for all the fish

“I love you guys!”:slight_smile:


General Questions

Building a starship – Need answer FAST!!!

At least the pain will stop soon.

Great Debates:

So the world ends: why should I care?


Post your best end-of-the-world jokes

The Game room:

The Capital Destruction Pool 2012


A Quick favour from Madagascan dopers

About This Message Board

are all my postings really archived forever?

Hello, I must be going,
I cannot stay, I came to say, I must be going.
I’m glad I came, but just the same I must be going.

In GD:

Is there a God and/or an afterlife? Need answer fast!

And out of the nothingness from someone here comes the very last post ever of the SDMB

The Game Room

Death Pool 2012

OK. Everyone is going to get all their picks. So if we add up the point values of all the entries, quick, we’ll see who won this year.

Not a new thread, but this one.

The ultimate zombie thread.

Although I suppose the real posts would probably look more like:

Hey guys, cum see my new website! LOL!! aardvark
Investment oportunity
Let’s face, she wants bigger not smaller
Repent sinners!
Only Jesus can save you now! All this was foretold in the BIBLE, not pagan idolater mythology ! Read the Book of Revelation and repent and accep
Hey,guys, cum see my new website LOL!!! zither
Dear Mr Honourable Sir Mr Dope:
Make up to $1000 a month or more! No selling!
Swi$$ watches!
guess all you skeptics dont fell so smart now huh/?
Hey guys cum see my new website!!! LOL!! kumquat

Because let’s face it, even Straight Dopers–including the mods–would be off getting drunk, getting laid, or getting religion, and the only posters on the boards would be spambots and the odd crank.