The Enneagram personality types

OK, more than one person has told me recently that the Enneagram can be a useful tool in self-awareness and personal growth. While I want to explore this, I’m not willing to spend any money on it… at least not initially. Does anyone here know of any good reliable FREE online Enneagram personality tests? And what do y’all know or think about the Enneagram anyhow?

I looked up the word and found: An enneagram is, literally, a drawing with nine lines. Figuratively, however, the enneagram is a New Age mandala, a mystical gateway to personality typing.

I feel that tools like this are not much real help. Yes, they will give you an idea about your personality, but in the same breath type you. This typing keeps you from looking in other directions.

To gain self-awareness, like Nike, just do it. Notice your feelings, and ask why? Listen to your words, and understand them.
Study everything, but believe nothing. Listen to others and accept them, understand them. Be in the world, but not of it.