The Ethics of Pretty Lesbians

I don’t have any ethical problems with the others, but this just don’t seem fair!

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So, are you saying that ugly women can be lesbians and maybe even should be (keeps them from birthing more ugly children) and you are fine with that, but pretty women should not be lesbian (or at least only lesbian when it suits you (i.e. sexual fantasy)) so that they are in play so to speak.

I mean I do not want to put words in your mouth but is that what you are really saying?


In the self-centered context of the basic post, I would say that pretty women should not be Lesbians. There is already a shortage of available feminine pulchritude! :smiley:

There aren’t any.

OK, maybe one.

Are you saying there are no pretty lesbians?

I would beg to differ, I know of at least one on this board and a few others not on this board.



And as for others, here’s something really unusual:

With one exception (of people that I know personally) ALL of the knockout lesbians I know are involved in local theater.

Don’t know the reason.

All I’m saying is that matters are difficult enough without being disqualified from the start!

StrTrk: If you want a less “fluffy” version of the OP sentiment, I suppose I should have opened the thread as “The Ethics of Fascinating Lesbians”, whereby “pretty” is not really the core of the matter.

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AHunter, I was just trying to make your post into a debate.

I personally think it is a shame for any good woman to not be available (whether due to her desire for other women or just her desire not to be involved in romance at all (i.e. nuns)), but its her perogative. Besides I have taken myself off the market by being married, so I guess it is just as unfair to the women of the world that I have done this as it is for them to not want to be involved in a romance. :wink:


The reason there are so many pretty lesbians is to counterbalance, from the straight woman’s perspective, the fact that there are so many pretty gay guys that they can’t have.

They are available. . . just not to you. :wink:

Well, as I mentioned, since I am married all women no matter their sexual preference are unavailable to me.

I know that it is difficult for these women to have to face that fact. And that due to it the number of amazing guys is diminished, but that is a fact they have to live with. :wink:

BTW, nice to see you Tom.


What does it matter if the pretty women are lesbians or not (or married or not, or involved with other men or not)? Unless they are going to be “sleeping” with you. Last I checked, you could ogle anyone you wanted (straight women have been ogling some of those nice buff gay guys for years!) Or are you guys all such stud muffins that any woman would want you, and the only excuse for not hoppin’ into the sack would be a preference for other girls?

This reminds me of the worst pickup line I ever experienced. I was out with a friend a her husband when we ran into a friend of his. He looked me up and down, looked at his friend, and asked him “is she taken?”

Precisely why some of us have chosen to play on both teams at some point in our lives. And, if you think matters are difficult for straights, being the majority, imagine what gays must endure to find their one true love. I’d think twice before making such a comment. Either that, or broaden your own horizons and start checking out men.

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