Lesbians - good, or awesome?


Vanilla or chocolate?

Of course! :wink:

Auuuuuuuugh! The Hamsters ate my OP!

OK here is an approximation of the original:

I love lesbians! Especially the pretty ones. Girls are so beautiful, with their soft, full lips, curvy hips and pillowy boobies. Girl-on-girl action is the hottest (and best) kind of sex there is.

And if you think admiring lesbians from afar is fun, try being one!

Woo-fricking-hooooo! :smiley:

[ul]:smiley: [sup]So the answer is AWESOME.[/sup]
Class dismissed![/ul]

Anyone else flash on the video of Van Halen’s Hot for Teacher right there?

Lesbians! My favourite!

  • Buster Wilde

What’s so great about Greek islanders ?

: d & r : :smiley:

Lesbians are social deviants who should be locked away. Unless they let me watch, of course. :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:

Me male.

So think about sex lots. :slight_smile:

Me like women.

More sex is very good. :smiley:

So me like two women having sex. :eek:

Wait - where me in all this sex? :confused:

My head hurt. :smack:

Me need comfort.

So me think about sex. :cool:

More sex is more comfort.

Me like women, so…

I’ve like to think of myself as a lesbian trapped in a males body :smiley:

On the scale of one to awesome, they’re super great.

Yet another fun girl club I can’t be a part of because of my penis. Oh well, I guess I’ll just have to stick with the straight girls.

But lesbians are pretty damn awesome. Pretty damn awesome indeed.

It’s a matter of complete and utter indifference to me, but any lesbian who wants to and can celebrate the glories of her sexuality without actually dissing men by the way is welcome to in my book.


Personally, I disagree, and I know quite a few women who profess to agree with me. :slight_smile:

Wow! That just gets funnier every time somebody says it! Which is every time the word “lesbian” is ever mentioned in the presence of males!

[Coasters song]‘Taint nothin’ to me…[/Coasters song].

Good on ya’ if you that’s your thing. Personally, I like girls that at least might like me.

Lesbians from my sexual perspective? shrug

I’m sure many of them are fine people, but since the op’s question/statement seems to be referring to matters sexual…

Really more of a declaration than a real poll, so I’m moving this to MPSIMS.

I have to lean more towards bisexuals…Lesbians? Meh…threesome with hot bisexual girls? Thats more like it.

Rather than thinking of it as a stale joke, I prefer to think of it as a sad commentary on male sexuality in our society. Male bodies are so often treated as icky and ugly and ridiculous, it’s pretty difficult for some guys to understand how anyone could find them attractive.


It’s their own business.

I liked them way better before Focus on The Family pointed out to me how they were trying to desanctify my marriage.

I had no idea! And here I was thinking that lesbianism was all about likng broads!