The Exorcist is coming back...

The last time I saw this movie was 27 years ago and it scared the $#!+ outta me…no other movie has ever even remotely come close to affecting me like this one did. I couldn’t sleep for three nights.
So: should I go see it again? Conquer my demons, so to speak? I’m thinking that the special effects will seem cheesy and that I’ll be better prepared for what’s coming. Also, heck, I’m 27 years older fer cryin’ out loud.
Can I handle it? Should I try? Anyone else in the same boat with me? Let’s all go together!

When I first saw this movie I was a kid and it scared me out of my mind like no other movie has been able to do. However, I have seen it several times since and it no longer gets to me.

I was thirteen when it came out, so I’ve never seen it in a theater. I remember the brouhaha back then, though…everyone talking about how they couldn’t be alone in the night, couldn’t leave their beds to go to the bathroom, etc.

I don’t think I’ve ever even rented it, either…just seen it piecemeal in bowlderized teevee versions.

Am I going to see the re-release? Betcher ASS!!!

I thought they were actually re-making the entire movie? Or are they just re-releasing the old one? Or both? Someone enlighten me please!

They’re re-releasing the old one, digitally remastered with new scenes added and enhanced sound.

BTW, the only time I saw this was at the theater. I’ve never watched it on video or regular television (and what would ultimately be the point of seeing it on the tube? Once they edit everything out, it would end up being a half hour documentary of Georgetown.

Warner Bros. ran test screenings of this re-release back in May, and since they were running it in Ann Arbor, I drove the 3 hours from Cleveland to see it. I had never seen it in a theater, and it is one of my favorite movies.

I wholly recommend seeing it. The new print is absolutely pristine, there are some restored scenes (particularly between Chris MacNeil and Regan’s doctor) which provide much-needed exposition and context, the sound remix is astounding, and Friedkin added a few . . . extras which were welcome and surprising. Definitely, definitely worth your money.

Mark & Brian (radio team in LA) hosted a viewing of the “new” version last night, and apparently this flick has withstood the test of time.

I for one would love to see it again.

One thing that was mentioned on the radio- the scene where Regan is using the crucifix as a marital aid still has the power to shock, even after 27 years and all the shocking shit we see and hear nowadays. I can’t imagine being an adult when this movie came out, and thinking that the whole world had gone to hell, judging by the fact that this movie even got released.

I saw the original 3 years ago for the first time and it held up very well. I was too scared to go to sleep alone that night. There was nothing cheesy about the special effects–they were just damn scary.

The only reason I’m concerned about this re-release is that I’ve heard rumours of an alternate ending in addition to the additional footage. Does anyone know if that’s true?

Okay, I REALLY want to see this, even though I get really scared during horror flicks. One of you male Dopers wanna volunteer to come hold my hand? :wink:

I’ve since seen it a couple of times after intitally seeing when it was first released. Sneaked into the theatre to see it, I was only 12. There is nothing cheesy looking about the special effects. There aren’t enough of them to be cheesy really. The crucifix scene and the “pea soup” stuff is still shocking.

BTW…my kids LOVE “Jaws” it’s still one of their favorites, yet by today’s standards some of the effects would be considered a little cheesy. They’ve only ever seen the cut TV version. I saw it in the theatre back in I think '75. Some movies do not really become dated, regardless of the technology.


i’ve only seen “The Exorcist” on TNT (home of blasphemously gutted R-rated movies) and i thought it was kinda weak. Is it better to see it in it’s full form or is everything that makes it so scary in the editted version too? 'Cause i saw the original “Halloween” on USA (another station known for editing movies to death) and even without the limited gore, it still scared the piss outta me, so that’s pretty much my standard. If something can be edited and still give me nightmares, it must be scary.

I read in last week’s Newsweek that the Catholic church still believes in exorcism and does them frequently. The news was that they were changing the rites (I forget the details but they were changing the wording) and that both the Pope and some other guy had tried to exorcise a young and very pretty teen age girl without success. Satan would not leave the girl alone.

Maybe someone else can fill the detaials here.

Falcon, you and I can huddle together, gripping each other’s arms, sobbing quietly on each other’s shoulders and, when it gets really scary, maybe run our hands up each other’s sweaters…
…well, can’t blame me for trying

I noted in another thread that the Chicago Archdiocese has recently hired a full time exorcist who has significant experienc in Rome. This from NPR morning news.

I’m certainly going, was too young before.

Falcon, I would love to go see it with you. Give me a time and place. Do you still have my phone number? Send me an email to and we can make better plans. Perhaps, DC, you and I could go see it and then go spot the places in Georgetown since we live here. :slight_smile:

I can’t wait to see it again. I haven’t seen it in about 10 years. I loved it and was scared in so many ways.


SqrlCub and Falcon–Wanna make it a party? I can’t see it enough times, and I’d love to see it on the big screen one more time.

Opens TOMORROW? God damn it! That means I can’t go see it until NEXT Thursday.

Lissen, if you three go, and you get really, really scared, and can’t sleep and shit, and you don’t think I should go, let me know, okay?

– Uke, curling up with Mr. Fuzzy

Phil, yes. :slight_smile: We don’t want you to come alone though. You will have to bring Leigh-Anne. :slight_smile: We can also go into practice number 2 now that I am finally back. WOOHOO, assuming you want to still.


My mom wouldn’t allow me to watch the movie, so I thought to myself “Self, I’ll show her! I’ll read the book!”
Well, about half way through the book I was so freaking scared I dropped it in the middle of floor, and refused to pick it up. Jim came home and he’s like “Are you going to clean up after yourself?” And I said, “No. You pick it up if you don’t want it there.” I haven’t touched it since. That’s the first and only book I couldn’t finish, and the one of the two books that has ever frightened me. (The other was “The Regulators”) And I’m the girl who has read every sing Stephen King book.
Am I going to go see the movie tomorrow?
Of course :smiley:

Sqrl and Phil -

That sounds GREAT! I’d love to go, but I need to be with other people, since I guarantee I’ll get freaked out. I’m out of town this weekend, so…next weekend sound good?