The F Word with Gordon Ramsay

I love this show. The F stands for fun as far as I’m concerned. The show is live with two teams of home cooks competing for a chance in the finals. The final prize is $100,000. But the competition is almost the B plot. It is mainly just Ramsay having fun. I love it. Anybody else watching the show and enjoying it?

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I like the show as well. Note that he did the same show on the UK a few years ago and some of those episodes may be available on YouTube or elsewhere. In many episodes, he went off on some macho field trip (e.g., hunting grizzly bear armed only with a paring knife). And also in the UK series, he tried to show his children where their food comes from by raising turkeys in the backyard (in the first season), pigs in the second season, lambs in the third season and veal calves in the fourth season (although he did this on a friend’s farm and not in his backyard). At the end of each season, the animals were butchered and served at the restaurant.

Cool! I’ll have to look that up. I don’t know why but I’m smiling pretty much the entire time watching this show. It is pure mindless fun.

Oh, is this a new American version of the show? I’ve hadn’t heard. I watched all of the British version a few years ago when it was on BBCA. I loved it!

What channel is this show on?

I’m in Canada so it comes in on CTV. I’m sure it must be on some channel in the USA.

It’s on Fox. (All of his American shows have been on Fox. I assume they have an exclusive deal with him.)

The British version was good. Many people cite the pig slaughtering episode as the point where Ramsay became less hostile toward vegetarians.

The American version seems to be sticking to the same format so far, with the exception that the cooking field trips from the British version have been replaced with Ramsay playing pranks on groups or on former employees. Unlike Master Chef or Hell’s Kitchen (does anyone besides my mother still watch that?), none of the contestants so far seem to have been picked with the sole purpose of irritating/angering the viewers.

I gave up on Hell’s Kitchen after two seasons.

I love Master Chef but HATE the US version. Try watching the Australian version. Light years better and really shows how in the US the producers strive for confrontation and overt competitiveness rather than friendly competition with camaraderie.

Better, a season of MasterChef Australia has many, many more episodes and once a week the judges (who are famous chefs in Australia or a food critic) sit the contestants down for a master class in cooking.

Great stuff if you can find it (you’ll likely have to search for it online).

There are actually many Master Chef shows in countries around the world. Some better than others (could not get into the New Zealand one). The US one is, bar none, the worst of the lot.

Hell’s Kitchen is still one of my can’t miss favorite shows. Even though I know it’s only a reality show, I like the feeling of real pressure in the kitchen. I’m not very interested in cooking shows, and don’t watch any Food Network or similar cooking competition shows. But *Hell’s Kitchen *is more about kitchen management than food, which is why I like it. I’ve tried to watch Gordon’s other shows, but none of them have appealed except the occasional episode of Kitchen Nightmares. But Hell’s Kitchen remains on my must DVR list, ridiculous casting drama and all.