The Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers - Trailer snippet for the upcoming claymation movie!

Interesting. I love the comic but had no idea a claymation movie was planned. It does not look like they have the voice work done yet.

The Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers -

Never mind I got the date incorrect apparently production is in limbo.

I have the Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers Anthology, and it includes some shots of the clay figures as a fumetti. There is no chance this will ever be finished. It’s time has passed. If the voice work had been done, it could be computer animated approximating a claymation look, a la the underappreciated Flushed Away.

Shelton writes of 30 pages of a planned 100 page story of the Freak Brothers living on a houseboat in Amsterdam is in limbo because they don’t have the artists to draw the rest of the story. If they can’t even complete a drawn story, there is no chance they could make an animated film.

Maybe they could get Cheech and Chong to do cameos and bring in the financing.

Ha. The proof-of-concept clip needs editing (terrible pacing), but I appreciate the labor of love, and hope it becomes a “full-length short” (longer than that might be a bit much).

In the late 70s, I discovered my uncle’s FFFB comics (along with Mr. Natural, various R. Crumb ones, Johnny F*%#faster…) from a decade before. Great stuff – though very much of its time.

Is that the strip where the Freak Brothers stop taking drugs? I thought that was live models with the Freak Brothers’ features painted in.


Around 1973, I spent a summer with a post-hippie relative (busted in Chicago, just connected enough with the Weather Underground to have to disappear under an alias for five years, etc.) who had a three-foot stack of underground comics. Read it through. Blew mah mahnd. But a lot of it is pretty flinch-inducing in retrospect.

Question again: who was the sort of geeky straight-man main character who kept running afoul of dopers and bikers and protesters, who was drawn with black crosshatched eyes and a white pupil?

I have really fond memories of the FFFB. The comix of Gilbert Shelton, Robert Crumb et al were unmissable in the 60s and those artists joined Jack Davis, Wally Wood, Will Elder and the rest of the Mad Magazine crew in my pantheon of comic artist gods.

Disappointed that it’s claymation though, I’d have much preferred traditional animaton.

Could be worse. Could be live action with Will Ferrell playing Fat Freddie.

If you look at the clapboard right around the 3 minute mark, that trailer was filmed in 2008. Would have been a great idea, but never going to happen.

Is there even a market for a stop-motion film based on a 1960s underground comic about pot smokers in a world of CGI movies and with several states having legalized weed*? Nostalgic Boomers will only get you so far.
And “Claymation” is a registered trademark of Will Vinton studios – Aardman animation (Wallace and Gromet and suchlike) don’t call their work “Claymation”.

I found the test reel to be pretty slow and uninteresting. The original comics could be full of fast and furious action and slapstick, which any adaptation would have to capture to have a ghost of a chance.

*Hopefully not to be rolled back by the incoming administration.

I just looked, and it was so low resolution that I honestly couldn’t tell.


In my opinion, that trailer really stank. It was dull, motionless, and stupid. (Okay, it’s the Freak Brothers: it’s supposed to be stupid.) But, dammit, no verve, no style, no zip. A trailer is supposed to entice by showing a few of the really best moments. This buzzard took over a minute even to get started!

I love the Freaks. The graphic novel, “The Idiots Abroad” is brilliant. An animated movie treatment of it would be a true delight.

I want this movie more than anything. Ain’t gonna happen, but claymation is exactly the way to go, if they do. Think of the Christmas special.

Are you referring to Projunior?

Looks about right. Thanks for the connection.

Oh, [del]fuck you with a cement trowel[/del] I agree strongly, but wish you hadn’t placed that image in my head.