The Fall (Part 2 of The Strain Trilogy) by Guillermo Del Toro & Chuck Hogan [Spoilers]

So has anybody else read The Fall, the second part in The Strain Trilogy by Guillermo Del Toro & Chuck Hogan?

I thought it was a pretty decent follow-up to the first book and I’m much more stoked for The Night Eternal (Part 3) than I am for the second part of The Passage trilogy.

I love Fet the Exterminator and Gus the Gangbanger more than ever. I also really liked that Palmer got his comeupance after loudly proclaiming that he’ll never get his comeupance.

I was a little bothered by the end in that the way to kill the Ancients was never really explained. OK, nuclear explosion at their place of birth. I get that. But that’s kind of lame. And the final Ancient winks out of existence before the nuclear plant explodes.

So what did everyone else think?

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Is that out now? Off to the library to put in my hold on it.

Alright, number 18! That shouldn’t be too long.

I very much enjoyed it. I was and still am a bit confused about the nuclear explosions - from what I gathered, the Ancients were born in explosions of this type/magnitude, and creating another explosion sent them back? That wasn’t clear to me.

I dug the scene about Palmer and his comeuppance.

The vampire children were horrifying to me, just creeped me right out.

A few of the fight scenes were over-the-top, and I felt that Gus’ rescue of Goodweather (I can’t remember his first name) was a little deus ex machina. Overall, though, it was a fun read, and the end was great.

I thought it was pretty awful. I might read the third just to see where it goes, but the second book gives me no hope for enjoying it (I did enjoy the first one overall but thought it got worse as it went, a trend continued unabated in the second volume).

Yeah, I wasn’t too clear on that either. I think that’s what Del Toro was going for, but then later the Ancients mention that they planned to do the same thing with the nuclear plants sometime in the future. Even though a) that would kill them and b) doing it now seems to have created the nuclear winter they didn’t think was possible just yet.

Which goes back to a problem I had with The Strain. These vamps are just too powerful. As described, they should be controlling the world. And it should have happened ages ago.