The Fast and the Furious ***SPOILER ALERT***

I just saw the Fast and the Furious for the second time, and I still love it. Fast cars, cute guys, explosions…it’s tight. The ending, however, sucks…


The dude’s undercover, and at the end, he has a chance to arrest the guy responsible for hitting all the trucks, and what does he do? He gives the guy the keys to his car. What kind of shitty ass undercover cop would not only let the criminal escape, but offer him his own car as a way out? And after watching about 3 different cars flip, they were all able to get out with little more than scratches? I’m sure. Otherwise, I had no complaints about the movie…I’m still probably buying it when it comes to video. But I just can’t get over the horrible script…

So, what did you think of the movie?

I have a friend who works for Universal and got to see a sneak preview of the movie about a week and a half before it was released.

I thought it sucked. The concept of the street racing culture was interesting, but pretty much everything else sucked. The crime element (other than the racing) sucked, the “family” group idea sucked, the love stories sucked. That whole sideline of the mechanic who loses the race and then gets shot down was stupid and sucked. The acting sucked. Of course you already mentioned that the ending sucked. The part that I did like was the street race early on, with the four cars going at it, there was a couple of interesting shots that tracked through the mechanical workings of the car that didn’t suck.

This movie shows that it is impossible to underestimate the American movie going public. I knew that there would be a small target audience, but it spread like the Melissa virus. What I really hope is that this movie did so well only because everything else sucked even harder.

Just think of the movie as a remake of Point Break, and it makes more sense. :smiley:
(Anyone else notice how the narc sounded just like Keanu Reeves? It was kinda spooky.)

As my wife said: Once the actors shut up and just RACED, the movie got a LOT better.

Well they couldn’t let the main people die cause they were all set to make a sequel. I thought it was a decent for what it was and what it tried to be.

Oh, I don’t know about a sequel. From what I hear, it all takes place after the romance threads resolve themselves and the working title is The Slow and the Content.

I have to agree with adam yax the whole movie sucked. I laughed throughout the entire movie, it was hard not to. I went in not expecting much and I was not disappointed in the least.

The souped up Honda racing cars cracked me up! Why put all that money in a Honda of all cars? Everytime they had a race I had to laugh. The highlight of the entire movie for me was seeing the Camaro race in the last part of the movie. Now that was impressive! That is how a car should sound.


My favorite suspend disbelief part , other than Vin Diesel (yum) being OK after flipping his car, was how at the first race, the dude who’s holding the money at the starting line ends up able to meet them as they finish the race. He needs to be driving in these races if he can pull that off.

And why didn’t the truck driver just stop? He had a shotgun for God’s sake, stop and blow some people away.

I saw it with my friend’s 13-year-old boy so it was fun to see him enjoy it. I am looking forward to Vin Diesel’s next movie, where he plays a more gritty James Bond type guy.

I saw it at a drive-in, hoping that actually being in the car would help.

It didn’t. The movie still sucked.

I wanna see it just for the black '69 Charger. I need that car. Of course, I’d paint mine Hemi Orange…:smiley:

That’s just how it is, this is a movie about the import racing scene, not the domestic.