The Fetishization of Black Panther leaders in the black community.

Isolated or is it something all humans do? See George Washington, slave owner…ditto Thomas Jefferson…sure they probably never raped people or tried to assasinate witnesses but no hero is perfect.

But it beggers belief that millions of people will ignore what Cleaver and Newton did…because they ‘helped their community’. So we’ll just white wash (heh) all the other stuff and change history?

Wait, what? Jefferson raped Sally Hemmings. The rest of your post is incoherent.

Oh… freedom fighter or terrorist? Been a while since I played.

Freedom fighter or terrorists? Pick a card, any card. Add your own!

Menachem Begin
Yasser Arafat
The Green Mountain Boys
Mao Zedong
Jim Bowie
Fidel Castro
George Washington

I suspect you’re using “fetishization” to mean “dressed similarly during the Super Bowl half-time show.” I doubt there’s a member of my family under 35 who knows much about the black panthers aside from “there used to be these guys called the black panthers.” It’s really amazing how quickly stuff that happened during your lifetime becomes ancient history

I find it very difficult to judge harshly people subject to extreme brutalization for responding with brutality (not that everything the Black Panthers did was brutal).

Fetishization of the Black Panthers?

Whites did it first - see Tom Wolfe’s infamous Radical Chic:

As for the overall OP: The partings on the left are now the partings on the right, and the beards have all grown longer overnight, per The Who. So it goes.

IIRC, the latest information shows that your rape accusation is false.

Is there evidence that he didn’t father children with her? I honestly hadn’t heard.

Or is he implying that it was ‘consensual’ even though Hemings was Jefferson’s slave.

And since we have no information on how Hemmings felt about the whole thing - what sort of evidence is this? It isn’t like she kept a diary.

Do you think that the power dynamics of slavery allow for the ability to fully consent? That’s kind of one of the reasons why we have statutory rape laws.

As a general rule, your property doesn’t get to refuse.

Got it: Black Panther leaders rape, founding fathers have meaningful relationships with 14 year old girls they own and who happen to be the half sisters of their wives. I’m sorry you were asking about the fetization of Black Panther leaders?

Well, you know how sexually voracious those colored girls are. Jefferson didn’t even have an opportunity to say “no.”

No, but it is POSSIBLE that she wouldn’t have - if she even had the concept of being able to.

But she wouldn’t because, you know, the implication :wink:

Exactly, the Founding Fathers were virtuous and true, if one of them was enticed by an enslaved hussy child, who are we to judge?

Now, if we can please get back our discussion of the negroid mind’s propensity for the fetishization of the Black Panther leaders.

Has this got something to do with Festivus?

I’m thinking it may have something to do with the shape of their heads and the slopes of their brows. I have a number of theories that the OP might be interested in.

Also the climate where they’re from.